Friday, August 31, 2007

Pink is a lovely color...

This card is pretty in pink..I never liked pink until I got older. This was done with mm funky vintage paper. Flowers are prima. The lovely saying is from Inky Antics. I am on a roll and will post tomorrow more cards...

I am on my way now!!!

I am starting a new era today. I am gonna do it. I am gonna loose weight and get more healthy. I am a strong believer in healthy eating. I don't do it as much as I should. I have read the books learned from nutritionist, and I do work in the dental field so have learned a lot about it with classes etc.

I got a treadmill, I did 1mile today. I went kinda fast so i had a good work out. Sept 5th is the start of the real diet. ( my whole office is doing it). I am gonna try to pig out a little this weekend..LOL

I am trying to loose 20-25 pounds. I am 155 now. I can't believe I am letting the whole world know that. I carry my weight in the tummy. I wish it were in my butt. I know this is important because, women & men who carry there weight in the belly area are more likely to suffer from a heart attack. Dr oz. talks about it online and he did a thing on O. Healthy eating is hard, we have fast food quick meal,, and carb city. I am NOT a fast food eater. I do love carbs and eat them often. My mom is a cook and is a country cook so we eat a lot of yummy stuff. She does most of the cooking for us.

My diet will be.. eggs for breakfast, cheese for snack salad with tuna for lunch and a normal dinner. I hope I can do this. I have tried and failed many many times. after my third son was born I really stopped eating the correct way and gaining weight. This is my before pic. I hope it helps you get on the healthy track..I will be posting my challenges, and turning points here.

This pic is from Oct. I can't find one with me now. I will take one on the 5th. This is me in Disney eating those famous mickey ears. I have waited my whole life to get this pic.. This picture is really bad. I am much cutter in real life...LOL I just want to prove to you that being healthy is possible.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pay it forward.

I just adore this type of thing. It's so nice to get hand made images in the mail. Sandy posted on her awesome blog a pay it forward. I am asking you to pay it forward. Send a card to someone you have thought of today.

The first three people to post will get a handmade item and some stamped images. I will contact you for your addy. I would do 5 but, I know I can't handle that many. Sandy did 5..Go Sandy.

Please if you are one of the first three pay it forward on your blog.

Delight in Life !!

This card was for a sketch I did over @ 2pp's. I love the Friday sketch there because you have a week to work on it. I have not played for a few weeks, but plan to get on them in the fall.

All supplies: SU...Buttons: Unknown

*********************************Just thoughts***************************************

I have been struggling a little lately. I am a believer in Christ and lost my home church a few years ago. We started going to another church, but never felt at home and stopped going. In the meanwhile my husband was ordained and has been doing stuff at a local tattoo shop. Yes, a tattoo shop Jesus loved them too.. He did it because he is into the music scene and about a year ago one of the local youth was killed He was unable to have access to the family and to him before he passed. Jon, (my dh) wants to reach the unreachable. I think God gives us different missions in life. I am not sure a business suit preacher would reach these kids may bee so and they reach those who are put in front of them. He wants to reach those that others may be afraid to. I love it. I am not as involved as I used to be. It was much easier when I did not have 3 kids. I miss being involved and then again it was a lot at times. So, anyway want to know what the church did to me that hurt me so deeply.

It's such a long story but this is the short version.. I was turning 30.. a Huge deal to a young girl like me... My family was throwing me a huge surprise party. ( I did not get a bridal shower ) so this meant a lot to me. NO ONE SHOWED UP..NOT ONE PERSON ATALL It was me my moms and my sister and gran. It hurt me so bad. they had tons of food and a sheet cake. it was awful. I felt like I was stood up to for the prom... Just a little history, I worked the nursery went every wed, Sunday and to every event. I had a huge party in Aug for all the young couples (they all came to that). My dh and I went to bible study every Tuesday (young and married all our age people).. I was so hurt. I never stepped foot in that church again and to this day 3 years later I have never even gotten a call NOT ONE CALL. Now, we were going there for a few years attended weddings baby showers etc...

3mnts before this happened I was not sure if we belonged here. My dh got very ill and was in the hospital for 7days.. the pastor never came to pray of anything. I was one of the ladies that brought meal for those who had babies, help came then.. I got over that, sorta but, not one lady coming or calling hurt and still does. I know I need to forgive them.. It's just not happening. I can't believe that these couples never called us. We did a lot with them our kids played etc. Nothing led to this the Sunday before the party all was normal.. I did what ever was asked of me. and my BBQ over the summer was a huge huge hit. SO many people told me how awesome it was. and how they loved it..

I am rambling, but needed to talk about these hurts. We live in a small community there are not that many churches. and many are the same as above. People try to follow Christ in the confides of the church.. I am guilty of this also. I hope figure something out soon. Two women I met online and I may start I bible study via the Internet if anyone want to join us.

I need to hear from God now. Today my check engine light went off. I prayed and prayed it would not need to be in the shop. Thank you Jesus....

I am sorry this has been such a blah post. Just a little history on my pain and the Glory I know I need to find again.

Textured card...

I love this look. Isa over at two peas had a class during WSW. Her class was actually my favorite. It was a lot of fun. I learned how to use paper towels to add texture.. How cool is that. This is the card I did that day. I know some of you may have seen this, but I am trying to post something to keep my blog updated. I made a few cards this weekend. I will post them soon. Thanks for visiting....

Stamp: (face)inkadinkadoo, flouris: rhonna F. flower:prima

Monday, August 27, 2007

masking card

This card is simple. I used stamps by judith. I stamped the pot then I masked it and stamped the flowers. Simple card. hope you like it..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Christmas Card!!

I love Christmas. It's to early to think about it I know. I was trying to post some older cards until I had a chance to make some new ones. SO this was my Christmas card from last year. I embossed the snowflakes in the background in white. I also trimmed in silver with a krylon pen. I am not bragging but, this card is real pretty in real life.

Stamps: Su Ribbon: su Paper:su Ribbon m's

Monday, August 20, 2007


This is a really cute card. You could do fall colors and use pumpkins instead of hearts. Or snowflakes for winter. It's just a nice sketch.

I thought it would be a good post since today I finally got my wedding ring back.. I sent it off to be cleaned and polished and sized up. It was toooo tight. I guess when your married for a while you grow in more ways then one..LOL

All supplies su execpt stickles

Weekend away!!

Well this weekend my DH went away to a festival. So, I took the op to go see my parents. They live about 2 hours away. I loaded the kids up and we were off Saturday morning.. They ordered pizza for din din and we went to play mini golf. Dad is a huge kid and got to do the go karts with my middle son. Mom and I went to get the kids book bags. (thank you Nana) She gets them there book bags for school. Sunday we went to church. This church is the one I got married in, baptised in and holds a special special place in my heart. It was so nice to see some old friends. After that Dad treated us to breakfast along with two other couples they go to breakfast with. The one couple have a son Adam that was injured in Iraq. He is a Marine and is now paralyzed. There faith is strong and the fact that they are not bitter is so incredible to me. I loved hearing about all the cards, letters and prayers there son got.

Nana and I made a few cards and I was getting tired so we headed home. I pulled over once to try to rest I was sooo tired.

Well, that was my weekend. Today is Monday and I took my youngest son to the mall (35 min or so away) We got a lot done. I just have to get him sneakers and a few more pants. I will get some warmer clothes to, but I have time for that.

Oh, well I guess I will post a card tomorrow...

(oh for you moms out there is it hard to buy pants for your boys. gee one store he is a 7 husky one store he can't get into a 10 hellllOooo he is only 6 so why is it so hard to buy pants???)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tagged AGAIN !!!

I don't mind being tagged. I actually think it's cool. I have to tell 8 things about me this time.... Hmmmm..

Oh, I was tagged by Sandy... Her blog is so wonderful if you have not visited it please do.. You can see it on my side bar...

1. I don't know how to style my hair ( bad bad bad haircut this time...)

2. When I got to Disney this past fall (life long dream) I went into the bathroom and cried I was so happy. My mother also cried when she met mickey...Like I said "life long dream"

3. I would love to get 5-6 more tattoo's... and die my hair purple or blue...

4. I only met my dad once and it was at my grandmothers funeral when I was 10. I never saw him again. He died when I was 19. I did not go to the funeral.

5. I love to dance to hip-hop and techno.

6. I don't drink alcohol or smoke.

this is getting harder....

7. I am afraid of bridges

8. I may para sail. I was told it is very peaceful. I don't get that often...hello, I have 3 boys..ack

Wellll, That's all folks...

I get to tag someone now. I don't know many bloggers so Reflections & stampin meg are my next taggers....Hope you don't mind.

Castaway Ink pad...

I really like this pad. It's not smelly like bleach and gives that same look. One day my stamp club got together and played with this pad. What we found that worked was the following

1. Juicy pad = nice imprint...

2. Su papers work much better than most of the others we tried. A generic black turned some neat colors

3. Adjust your heat on your iron... Playing with this was a bit hard. We had two going. The warmer of the two had better results.

This card was done at the club with the castaway pad. If you get the pad make sure you get the refill you will NEED to keep the pad really juicy..

One of the girls in my group is a su demo.. She is not pushy but has almost every stamp of they have. SO, the last 5-6 clubs were at her house and this is what we work with. We do use so many other things. Just so you know.....LOL

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My favorite ATC..

I really enjoy ATC!! What are they you ask?? They are tiny wonderful works of art that people trade all over the world... Artist Trading Cards are so fun.. they are 3.5x2.5 so they are small but with BIG impact. I have been doing 10 a month for an alphabet atc swap every month we do a letter. I am on I now. This was the first one. I just loved it. I used distress inks in the background. stickels for her hair and the hat is beaded with those little seed beads. By the last one. I never wanted to see a seed bead again...(say that 5x fast)

I thought I would post this since it's my fav and I kept one. the others are all gone and traded. SO for now on I will post my atc of the month...

Thanks for visiting my blog today...Have a awesome day!!!

Stamp: stampers annonoymous

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The hardest cards to make !

I really hate making sympathy cards. I know hate is a strong word, but I just hate it. I know that the person that is on the other end is in pain. Is dealing with death and is hurting. I know this is one of the best times to get a hand made card. I am thankful that I can bring a little tiny bit of kindness to someone that is hurting. I find these cards so hard to make I can sit and just look at the stamp for an hour without an idea. I am sad to say I need to give one of these cards. I made this card up from an old su catalog. It's a pretty close copy. So I give all credit to su...I don't know who created it. I just made a bunch up. I don't want to have to do them often so once a year I make a bunch and pray I don't run out.

I can say from having a family member killed in a sudden way. That sympathy cards can touch the heart. I know that I got one handmade card and it's my most cherished card. The words were simple yet they meant so much.

So, remember they are hard to make but for the grieving family member they can have great impact.

All supplies su.. with deepest sympaty stamp is rubber stampede

Monday, August 13, 2007

Colors of fun!!

I don't know about you, but I got from season to season with my colors. In the fall I crave oranges in the summer bright and fun. In the winter I see red & green. The weather has a lot to do with my mood and my colors are affected by that. I may be completely out of my mind here...Okay so don't comment on me being out of my mind...LOL I think this card is a summer card. It's one I did a bit ago for a challenge over at 2pp's. I thought I would post it here. I wanted to create a new card today. I am just a little to tired. I know this is not the best photo but you get the point.

Stamps :SU Prima flowers. PP: ??

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just Relax!!

Anyone out there that is a mom knows that this is not an easy thing to do.(relax) We worry, work and stress over the little one's in our life. This card makes me think of the times when you just relax. You know all is well and you can just chill.. Here's to chill time!!

Stamps : Bella Flower: Prima Color : Prisma I added Stickles to the bubbles. PP: unknown

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Sunday is the first day of the week. A day to rest before the busy week starts. I tried to make a few cards today and take it easy. Of course my kids don't understand that sometimes we need to just be "NOT BUSY"... That is what I wanted to be this weekend. I just wanted to do some things around the house and chill..

These are some Bella cards I made from rak images I got from Glinda over at two peas. What a doll she is. I used some of my stash of pp that I must use. I am on a mission to get rid of 85% of my paper. This make my mother very happy. She gets all my "hand me downs".

I really like the Bella stamps. If you have not had a chance to go visit her site you should. I like them because they stand alone. I don't need another image. They are so easy to use. The one above is so cute. I can't wear a eency weency yellow Polk a dot bikini!!! BUT, Bella can.

Stamps: bella, su TOKEN: doodlebug design color: Prisma pencils

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a week!!

Do you ever just sit down and think "I have all this stuff and nothing to make?" I am sitting here at my messy messy desk. I want to make a card. I look around, look at my stamps, and say nah, I have nothing to make. What!! How could I possible having NOTHING. I have pp, I have stamps, I have ink......What I don't have is mojo...It's gone.. Work and stress from life has smothered it. I am wondering if I clean off my desk it will return. Hmmm, I guess that means I need to get started. I wish my friend Andi lived close, she and I could go cause some trouble....LOL.....

I am also missing my sister. I wanted to make her a pretty card. She is pregnant with her third child. The baby is due early February. She moved to Nashville about a year ago. Before that, she only lived 2 hours away. So, we could see each other when we wanted. Now, it's NO quick drive. She was supposed to come for a visit before she started to home school her kids. Now it looks like she is not coming. I am not sure I can fly down there anytime soon. My kids are about to start school. Fall is so hard because of back to school expenses. You know how it goes.

My children will be going into 1,5 &11 grades this year. Wow, is that hard to believe. I am happy that they are getting older. Not happy that they are growing up. It's fun and sad all at once. I know most of you know what I am saying...

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I hope to get this mess cleaned up so I can create this weekend. I plan to stay in and do NOTHING......Yeah, if my kiddos will let me...LOL

Monday, August 6, 2007

Faux Tri Fold card.!

This is another card I did at stamp club. We colored the flowers with watercolor pencils and blended them in. I love stamp club. We meet once a month and have a great time. These ladies have become such good friends. I am the baby of the group. I am the only one who still has children at home. So my youngest son is very spoiled there. He will NOT stay home. He has to go. He loves these ladies so much. It's fun seeing him get excited about MY stamp club..I think!

Stamps : Su Stickles used on flowers. Presented by: Susan Selfridge & Mary Adams.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pocket card !

This card was another done at my stamp club on Saturday. This was done by the lovely and talented Mary Adams. She is one of my favorite people. She is so fun to be around and I just adore her. This card was really fun.

Stamps: SU Ink: Marvy brights CS: ? Designed by: Mary Adams

Easy & Quick Scrap Cards w/ instructions

Now again on Saturday Ms. Sue taught this card. What an easy was to you some of those scraps. I love the idea now this opens different and you can do a lot with this.

Base Cardstock: 4" x 9" (Score @ 5-1/2")
Designer Paper Scrap: 3"x 4"
Contrasting Scrap: 1-1/2 x4"
Inside inset: 3-3/4x 3-3/4
Punches used: 1-3/8" & 1-1/4" round
flower in center was also a su punch you could use prima's or a button etc...

The Idea of this card is to USE SCRAPS... DO NOT use a full sheet. this is a great little card to make and send a nice little letter to a friend.
All Supplies: SU


This card is just really pretty. Again Ms. Sue taught this at stamp club on Saturday. I love this card. We used white flowers and colored them with a blender. I think that is just an awesome idea. The t was cut out and pop- dotted.

all supplies: SU Presented by: Susan Selfridge & Mary Adams

Su, Bag !

This is really not that hard. The lovely Sue taught this at my stamp club yesterday. She is a great teacher and so creative and awsome. SHe gave me this little stamp that I wanted sooo bad. It says "inking of you"... Oh, how cute...LOL

stamps: su set 109260 priceless Paper: su purely pomegrante, groovy guava

Farmer bella card !!

I love this card. It turned out better than I thought. I hope you all like it as much. I used the prisma colors and a few water color pencils. I don't have a lot of the prismas yet! I do like them. I use them with the blending pencil. It works well. This card is a thank you for Andi for sending me that lovely rak. She lives on a ranch and this is how I picture her....LOL (I don't really picture you like this Andi...LOL)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hello, blog readers. KardKrazy has tagged me in a really cool tag. I have to send RAK (random acts of kindness) out. Then I need to tag five others to do the same.

I tag Stacy ,Hazel,Ethel, Godelieve...You can view there blogs on the side. I don't know how to link them..

I must go now and make some lovely cards to rak.. should be fun.. Thanks Louise..

Covid 19,

Today, I sat in my craft room trying to get things done for all my upcoming blog duties.  It was hard.   All this crazy that is going on in ...