Wednesday, April 30, 2008

JJ birthday cupcake card!


This card is with jj stamps, and dcwv Nana cs. Hope you like.


(oh, nk is spreading rumors now. dh & I are gonna go talk to the family after work tomorrow)

Ds#1,Ds#2 & ds#3.....oh my

Well, it's 4am again. For some reason I keep waking up at this time. I don't know how Andi does it.

I just have to tell you about the CRAZY day I had yesterday. Please feel free to comment on the wacked out situation. Okay, dh comes home after working 15 hour overnight shift..... 7:30 am phone rings. (just opening eyes after hitting snooze for a half hour). I hear my mother, "oh, ok sure ok, I understand, NO problem" etc...etc... She, hangs up and next thing I know she is at my bedroom door. (side note mom has had no days off since somone at her work quit). This is her day off, I think wow, they called her in. Poor gal...


It's our new (sorta) neighboor telling my mom, that my 11 year old threatend to "beat" up thier son, and instigated the whole thing. Okay, I YELL at Kevin to stay away from said neighboor till I get all the facts. tooo early to think and bus is now rolling down street.

Now, I am Pi$$ed, why not talk to me at the bus stop in a hour when we put the little kids on the bus. I am steaming, cause it's early, I was up way to much last night. and Grrrr, darn kid.

So, before I move on ds #1 Mr.17 year old, happens to mumble under his breath that he got a paint ball gun... HELLO, without asking dh or myself.. Big mistake buddy, he runs to bus. (I think he knew one of his bros would rat him out.)

Okay, So, I get a quick shower, get ds#3 ready for school, when he tells me he can't hear out of his ear. UGh, poor little pumpkin head. I give him a little hug, put some debrox in his ear and off to the bus stop. (just so you know, I am a little heated and um, can be a B*$^h when I want)

So, mom of other child stops bus, before it even gets to us, her walking the dog I have never seeen, What she think I am gonna beat her up and she needs protection....LOL She continues to talk to bus driver, while other parents now get annoyed since it is raining. Yay, one of those days.

So, She never comes to the corner, lets her dd run to the bus, after thier little chat about my beast of a child. Anywho, kids all leave, and I yell HEY!! she ignores me. Bad move sister. When she turns around I say " Sorry, I don't remember your name.". I go on to say that I think our boys need a sit down to work this out". SHe, says to me....I don't believe in chocking...>WHAT...Did I say I did. Hello, who chocked what? Huh? Grrrrrr......Um, hey lady I did nto say that I did, and you only have one side of the story, I don't think my 50 pound 11 year old could choke someone, could he? So, I tell her I did not think her dh calling at 7:30 am was appropriate, that she should have come over yesterday if her son was chocked (by the way the kids takes karate, and should have been able to stop said chocking right!) So, I tell her NOT to take it out on my younger son, and she says she would not, BUT she DOES NOT APPROVE OF CHOCKING AND THREATS. who's threating who here. SHe begins to walk away, NOw I was a fighter in school, and I wanted to be 16 again and know her one...LOL.... I yell to her at this point that this is what is wrong witht people today, adults can't even talk to work it out.

Okay, I go home yell at my mom in ghetto speak, how pis$ed I am, and off to work.

Now, I know this is getting long please just bare with me....

I go to work, aggravated, sleep deprived and um, hyper as all can be. Tell everyone in the office of my crazy morning...Jump ahead 10 am

First call, school nurse, Hi, Mrs. B your son (#3) is her crying his ear hurts. Okay, I now have to call home my poor mom on her first and only day off to pick up ds. Nope, not home. Great where the heck is my cellphoneless mother....Call dh 5 times to wake his butt up after his shift, tell him he's gotta go get ds. Poor guy mumbles about time, sleep and huh???

okay, now how do I get said son, with earache to dr. I have a full schedual of patients, and I really can't leave. Ahhh, call mother in law. She can't leave work, but father in law can. Make dr apt for 1:30 all is set. Fast forward 2pm

Ds#3--Ear infection, antibiotics, 4 balls of wax out of ear....taken care of ---check
Ds#2--Hi, ds#2,I hear you chocked Neighboor boy.... ds#2" WHAT, I did NOT....I did not not not. This is what happened...." Okay, Call my bestest little buddy who I should dub ds #3.5 (other neighboor boy who is so mature it's not funny)

He says YO, mom want to know what happened....Um, yeah..

This is what I assume from the two stories and a 1/2 that I got.

nk (neighboor kid) stands at corner...stairs at ds. ds son, tells him since they NOT friends anymore to stop staring.. (ok he has a big mouth) nk, says "what you wanna fight?" now, ds is pretty much a big wimp, and sortta a talker, sports nut, so he knows the talk...

ds, says yeah, I'll fight. (enter shock here, he is usually the kid that runs and says mom, they want to fight) nk, says okay ya, you won't fight me...ds says "oh yes, I will lets go". NK, says when my dad gets home come over my house we will fight.

ds, should have let it go...nope, nk dad comes home and ds goes over like a bit dumb head. says to nk, lets fight, you wanted to fight. nk, can't its raining, ds : how about tomorrow. NK: nope got ccd. ds: thats what I thought your a chicken or whatever he called him at this point. NK: swings (yes first haha) at ds and misses, ds is not lol at nk and tells him he can't even fight, then nk hits him in shoulder, and ds pushes him, nk, screams for his dad and grabs ds in headlock as ds does back, dad runs out, and nk says dad dad dad he was chocking me...

Okay, now what in the world, don't you think they should have gotten both sides. My take is my son has a big mouth, and nk wanted to show off, and wanted to get ds in trouble. So, I tell ds to stay away from nk, and to go no where near him.

2:45 ds calls me at work to tell me that nk keep riding bike to edge of st, and lol etc.. I tell ds to be the bigger guy, and ignore him..

okay, ds choking think....taken care of.

now, ds #1 gotta take care of the paint gun thing.

3:10 Yo, Ds you can't have a paint ball gun. you should have asked, you will have to let your dad & I keep it in our room. I don't need your brothers stealing it, to shoot at nk...or anyone or anymoving thing.

I pause for a fight.... I am ready ....

okay, mom, so can gmom hold it since your not home during the week..

what, what, what????? did my son just agree with me.

wow, he must be growing up. (I should not say that) I get home at 7:30 pm tired, aggravated, and confused. Of course there is paint on basketball hoop, ds #2 and 2.5 are greeting me with more details etc..

I just want to eat and go to bed. THis day was way tooooo long, as this post....LOL

thanks for hearing my story. My boss, is pretty smart also had 3boys and is really level headed told me to let it go, not to talk to nk mom, unless it is brought up.

Now, Not sure if I am grown up enough to not say anything. I am out side a lot, and I hear a lot of things. I get most of who hates who in the neighboor hood by playing in the yard. And these kids hate, love eachother about 10x a day. so, I don't sweat it much. But....I hope and pray to GOD, this is not a lonnnng summmer.

okay, I feel better now.. Almost 4:30

************upload not working and spell check not working******************

Sorry for the bad spelling, Oh, and ds #3 wound up last night with fever and upset, motrin and some good ole lovin' took care of it.

he is feeling okay at 1 am when I checked on him. and he is now cool also.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bella, Bella, Bella...

You all know I am a huge fan of 'da Bella's. I don't know why these little cuties are so fun, but they are.

This card was so fun. I love coloring all there clothes. Wish I were that skinny. Darn Bella's. I am gonna try to find some blending stumps for my prismas. These are colored with good 'ole prisma pencils and the blending pencil they make. I see so many cool colors with the blending, so I need to try that. This background paper is really pretty & embossed. Sorry, not sure who makes it. I just buy it. I don't pay attention to who makes it...LOL

So, Happy Tuesday. Have a great day,


Monday, April 28, 2008

Goood Monday morning!!

Ahh, what a lonnnggggg weekend. It was one of those weekend were you feel like you really had no time off!

Friday, was as you all know my sons prom. I did not sleep well Friday, I had my first migraine. It was the most awful thing. (shiver here) Not, only that I was thinking about the prom and how much fun ds must have been having.

Saturday, I had to go to work. We don't have patients on Saturdays, but I had to go in for a special patient. I was anxious to get out of there and go see MY baby!! So, we drove up north and was at my parents house by noon.

I can't tell you how hard it was not to bawl my eyes out when I saw my beautiful baby niece. She was wearing the outfit I bought for my other niece. I have a special bond with my other niece, and I love her to pieces. Seeing baby Elizabeth in that outfit, was the most darling thing. I can't believe my sister remembered. My dh got to hold her first, since this was there first meeting. He was all goo goo over her too!! (this surprises me) She was smiling at him, and just starting at him. It was a site to see. dh & I held her all day. I got to help with her bath and change stinky diapers. I was in heaven. I love that little baby so much. I can't believe how much she has grown. My other niece I can just steal. Her little face is just darling. I miss them so much.

My nephew finally arrived and my middle son, was so excited to see him. They played Ball and hung for a while. Then I finally got to play with him a little. We played guitar hero and of course he kicked my butt. I knew I would not get as much time with him, since my middle son was there. But, that is okay. I get to talk with him more since he is older and I email him about once a week. He's is soo funny, and I just love him.

Okay, so as for crafting. That was a real no go this weekend. I have been making cards this morning before work, so I hope to upload them tonight. I need to share something right!!

I have some green tips, and some cards to share this week. I am gonna work on a perfect layers tutorial, since a few people have asked about it.

Have a great Monday!!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Prom #1 2008

Ahh, and they are off! My son, Kenny just left for HIS prom. He is a junior this year, and the theme is Alice in wonderland. I have heard it is one of the most expensive and most creative proms the tech has ever done. I can't wait to see some pics. I bought him 2 "disposable" cameras to use. That is 50+ pics, we will see how many I actually get of the cool stuff inside. I would love to go peek and see what is going on. But how uncool is that.

Next year is his Sr. prom and that will be different. I will be able to help and do stuff. I guess the Sr. class takes care of it all, and that is cool. Everyone gets a turn.

His "date" is his good friend Saundra. Her mom taught both of my kids in pre-school. I love the family. great gal, great mom etc..

They are more like brother & sister and trying to get them to pose was like pulling teeth. Okay, for me that is easy so bad example...LOL

These are some before pics. Her dress is sooo pretty!! I loved it. Next Saturday is HER prom, so, I get to do it all again. WOoo HOOoo...(you have no idea how stressed I have been all day!!)

Hope to craft tonight.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

I did not win!!

Well, the winners are out for the hero arts blog challenge. (birds) I think I should have gotten at least second...LOL I really wanted to win on this one=( I know try & try again. I am just to much of a manic person to put my self in that position!!

I am done with contests. Won't ever do that again. I guess I am just not made for those type of things. LOL

Work is crazy busy, with prom in two days, and all that entails, I have had no time to get inky. Hope to share something fun soon.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!

Sorry I don't have a card to post with this.

There are so many ways to help our environment. I love to recycle, and to re-use and to do what is good for the Earth.

I know one big huge problem is plastic bags, and I have a lot of info for you on that.

I am gonna do a green post weekly with new tips & ideas along with things I am learning. I know a lot of people are talking about composting, and I have some info on that as well, so stay tuned.

Today I will start with something simple, that will make a huge impact.

Go, green!!

doing one green thing, like lowering your thermostat one degree, will start you on a path of living a greener life.

If you would like to find your carbon footprint, you can go to:

Have a green Day!!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday card using scraps.!

Hey Bloggers,

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far. It's supposed to be 75 degrees here today. Woo Hoo, I can't plant seeds yet, it still could frost at night. I plan to get out in the yard and do some work later.

We are all about to head to the zoo, for Earth Day. What r U doing to go green?? Yesterday my mom bought us a gas free mower, you know the push kind. No, energy. woo hoo.

I will talk more on that later. This simple bd card was with all the scraps I found on my desk. Have a great Saturday, see ya later.

Dawn ***sorry I did not realize how bad the pic was***

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guess who's comming home??????

How did you guess, my Sister? Yup, she is coming home. I won't really get to spend a lot of time with them. My parents live about 2 hours away, and I have to work, BUT, I will go up there next Friday and stay the night or two, and on mothers day weekend, I will spend the night.

I can't tell you how I wish she would move home. I won't go into that since she reads this, and she will bawl, and so will I etc...etc... lol

Can't wait to see MY BABY!!!!!!!! I will so be posting pics, when I see her.

I have a card to post, but to tired and lazy to do it now. So, until tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Card!

These stamps are really fun to use. One of the requests from Sandy, over at cards for heroes is birthday cards. I assume that kids ones are a great need, so these will do just fine for that.

If you are NOT familiar with the program please head over to there site.

Still using up the Nana, matt stack and the box of card bases I got a lonnnnngggg time ago.

Stamp is It's my birthday from c.c. designs.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hero arts challange!!

I am so nervous right now I honestly think I am gonna puke. I have NEVER entered a real stamping contest. The Hero arts blog is holding one using birds. I knew I needed to try it out. I am shaking like a leaf. Here it goes. I added the hello onto the leaves from the same set as the birds.

Stamps: Hero Arts

Bling: Hero Arts

PP: Unknown

Colored: twink h20's

Birthday card!

Hey Bloggers,

Happy Monday?? What is ever good about a Monday? Well, for me I don't usually have to be to work till noon. So, that gives me a little am rest. I did a ton of work outside yesterday. Took ds#3 and his two little friends down to the bay, and they played. The water was ice cold, but they still got there toes wet. NOT me. burrr.

When the din din was done, dishes put away etc. I had a chance to make one little card. I am trying very hard to use up all my paper stacks etc. This is from the Nana's kids pack. The stamp is a new one I just got from C.C. Designs. It's a great little set. 6 stamps for 11 bucks. Can't beat that!

The flower on this card is from the bucket at M's. I love these little flowers. I don't think you can see it on here, but I took 3 flowers, the first is curled the second is flat and the third I cut in half and colored green to look like a leaf. It's really cute IRL. I was not sure what to add to this card. Not sure the flower works with it. But it's what I had.

Have a great week!!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

sketch challange card!!

Good morning bloggers,'

I have about 200 more people that need to visit before I hit that 4,000 mark. I am thinking about doing blog candy at 5,000 so it's gonna be a while for some free

My time My creations, posted this sketch. I thought I would give it a try. I put glitter on the butterfly. I colored with prisma pencils, I thought the soft colors went well. The paper is dcwv.

I have a question. I am not good at judging size of cards. When people post there sketches and there cards what size do you think they are using. I don't know how they get so much stuff on there cards. I think I may be doing my cards smaller or something.

Well, thanks for stopping in. I have some diet stuff to post and some more cards. I may do that later today.

If anyone has any camera tips for me, I look at other blogs and there pics are wayyy better than mine. I have a regular ole' pentax digi camera.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Inspired card!!

Hey Bloggers,

I have a hard time using pp, and doing some things like matching colors etc. I have always liked vintage and altered because, I could use browns etc... For the last year, I have really stayed away from altered. I hope to play with it soon. So, stay tuned. ( I think two years of altered round robins burned me out)

So, I was looking at my time, my creations blog, and I really loved this card. I tried to re-create it using my own pp and ribbon. Please tell me what you think. I actually have the stamp she used on the way. I did not do a great job coloring the turtle... This was put together in just a few min.

Thanks for stopping in.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drink lots of water!!

What a great card, for today. I did the buddy walk today. It is always a teary eyed day for me when I do something like this. I think of people and there children, people who work, live study the life of down syndrome kids, and how lucky we are to know them.

I made this card from a rak image, I am not sure who made it, but is it not darling. It was windy on the walk, (it was at the beach) But, the rain held out and it was in the 50's. I think the family almost fell over when we handed them a check for 350 bucks, I guess not a lot of people raised money other than their donations. This was the first year, and it was very very nice.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Blog review, tagged, & I got a award!!

My blog review this week is for:

My Time, My Creations by, Lauren Meader. She is one heck of a stamper, mom and top blogger IMHO, I don't even remember how I found her blog. I know that I am very drawn to her blogging style. She does the "formula" for her card for those of you who must have that. Lauren, also tells a story, she is a very creative gal that puts a ton of her family into her blog. I really love seeing her card and hearing about her day, her children etc. I am not even sure but, she may be famous...

Her daughter is Alexa, some of you may know about those stamps that are named after her. She has down syndrome, her story will make you cry and when you see her picture you will want to give her a HUGE hug!! Please, go read her story you will not be sorry!!!

Well, I of course have left comments on her blog, and I just told her about the walk I am doing tomorrow. I raised 350 bucks in one week for the buddy walk. It is for awareness for down syndrome. The money is staying local. I had a pt with down syndrome. His name was Doug he passed away about two years ago. He was a great kid. His dad was my eldest sons 5th grade teacher. I fell like I had to do this for Doug, and for people like Lauren Meader who have Angles living under their roof. To see Doug please visit.

WOW is :Lauren has given me the Arte y pico award (art & more award), I was shocked, my jaw hit the ground. I was shocked that someone with her level of talent was giving me an award. WOW, I might as well have been in a gown on the red carpet getting an award from a huge start, like Johnny depp or or or Martha....LOL LOL that is how I felt goofy huh. I assume I must give 7 silly facts about my self and give the award to some well deserved bloggers.

I will first give the random facts. ( cause I was tagged)

1. When I was a teenager, I had my name on the side of a stock car.

2. I took roller skating lessons.

3. I wanted to date the karate kid.

4. I can't look see touch or be around matches. (it's the major ocd)

5. I would love to see a real water horse ( lock ness)

6. I am tired of saying I

7. I was the first person to ride the superman ride at six flags, I was the human test dummy, now smart was I back then??

Now I don't have to tag anyone....I don't think I do... But, I am giving my award to these fab 5 people..........

1. Andi-- Do I have to tell you why she is art and more......Her life is really cool, she does so much for the little school her kids are involved in and ton of cool ranch stuff. even cleaning poop and cutting grass she makes it all sound well, cool..

2. Sandy- Her blog is a ton of art and a lot of more. She does cards for heroes. Please go check out her blog and the blog she does for the heroes.

3. Louise Well, she is Kard Krazy, has more fantabulous art and some more too!!

4. Jacqualine--who's name I spell wrong all the time, but her blog is a nest of wonderful art. She lives in France so her more, is well, manufeet or whatever the french

5.....Stacy--Stacy is a great great great card maker, her sewing is perfection. I love it all. I also love her puppy adventures, and all the other fun stuff she talks about. Please go check them all out.

Please take time to check out the links to the blogs and to check out the Doug site. I will be walking in the rain tomorrow at 11 with a huge smile on my face knowing I did something good.

I have some cards to post tomorrow.....Thanks again for visiting..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some news on the blog & a hello card.

Hi fellow blogger friends, My girl Andi, told me I am almost at 4,000 hits woo hoo, when I hit 5 I will give a gift card out.

I have been getting some strange comments left on here lately, so I guess I have to moderate comments. Please don't let that stop you from posting a hello or well done. I don't get many visitors or comments so, I would like to keep the few I get. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, onto the card. This was another rak image from my great pal Heike. She is such a gal. I can't tell you how much fun I am having with these images. This is another for cards for heroes. I went to mail them today, and could not wait in line. Had to be at work ugh, it's okay tho, that will give me a few more days of making cards.

I colored with the prima pencils. (I did not realize how bad the pick was untill now. Sorry!!)

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bella fun!!

As most of you know I love Bella's, I am a sucker for those cute girls. This image was from Heike, she rocked my mailbox one day with a ton ton ton, of Bellas. I am so glad, I only have a few, and it has been so much fun playing.

I used pp & embellishments from K&co. I colored with prima pencils & the edges are distressed and inked with close to coco ink.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Have a nice day!!

Covid 19,

Today, I sat in my craft room trying to get things done for all my upcoming blog duties.  It was hard.   All this crazy that is going on in ...