Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stamp Camp !!

What a nice Saturday. I, went to my Mom's, house. She live about an 2 hrs away. I, got up at 6 and was out of my house at 7 to take the trip. It was a nice ride. There were hardly any cars on the park way. Once there I took a peek in my, moms room. I got to see some of the cards she is making for the troops. It was nice to see what she has been up too. From there we went to dunkin donuts. mmm mmm good. So, on the way to stamp camp we, went to Joann's This is a newer store and I have not been in one since it was just a plain ole' store that sold fabric. I was so shocked.....It was such a nice store. We did not stay long. I glanced at all the pretty writing on the wall, the clean floors I only spent 12 dollars. This is a first for me. I am being a good girl.

After about another hour of driving. We, arrived at our destination. The home was lovely and the hostess and her mom were a delight. We entered the basement where there were 8 round & square tables set up. Each table was labeled with a little funny note and the project for that table along with the supplies like ink etc..

We got our little bag that had our kits for each table. We went to table one and put our bad down and took a peek at the food table. Mrs. Baylis, had a lovely display of Christmas villages all along the wall it was so pretty. So, that took up time until we were ready to begin.

There were 21 women there. We, had 23 min to complete our project. Picture a round robin make n take. It was fun. I did not feel to rushed and had time to snack and drink in between. It went from 1-5. We made 15 cards 3 each of 6 designs. We made 18 tags. 3 designs. we made an ornament and a decorated a jar full of brownie mix...Yummy.

I spent less than 50 bucks and got all my supplies that I need for my Christmas cards. I could not afford the set from the mini that I had my heart set on. But, I think my cards will be nice none the less.

This week I will be sharing what I made. I, am having surgery on Friday so please pray for me. It's my choice to have it done. Well, I am having my tubes tied. So, I may be a little icky this week.

I am meeting a pea from 2pp's this weekend for the first time. I am so excited. My house is torn up we just have been so busy with football and having some work done. I have been told she is here to meet me and my stamps not my messy house...LOL

I will share some photos tomorrow. I gotta get batteries for the camera. duh... Thanks for reading my blog.......


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Woah!!!! What a busy busy day you had at the stamp camp! Great deal on getting all your Christmas card stuff!
OK.. This Friday I will pray for you, and daily as well...
Lots on your plate! But all good...

Sandy said...

so psyched to see what you made, Dawn!! 23 mins a card, lol, was there a timer with a DING! going off?

And such WILL POWER, how do you leave J's with only a loss of 12 bucks????

Tell your mom to post some stuff too, does she have a blog??

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

WOW....what an awesome way to run a stamp camp!....and everything you got accomplished!!!......I am saying a prayer for you with your upcoming surgery for a speedy recovery...hope you are up & about soon!

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.