Monday, January 28, 2008

Sorry for the lack of creative flow.....

I am sorry I am gonna be mia for a bit. This week was a little busy. Saturday dh & I took the kids and did some much needed things. Got new tire on mini van & went and got dh & I are very first new bed. woo hoo. I have a vintage headboard that I won't give up. But, we got a new mattress. woo hoo... ( I am so happy about this can ya tell?)

On Friday I leave to visit my sister and meet my new niece that is to be born next Tuesday. Again woo hoo.

I am gonna miss my kids and my dh sooo much. I get really homesick after a few days. I think I will be pretty busy with my Niece and nephew and the new, I hope it's not to bad.

I will post pics when I get back. I also have some other things to show. But, I am unable to until I get a new usb cable. (ran mine over with chair...duh)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gothic Arch.. Music & lyric

This weeks theme over @ Gothic Arch is music & lyrics. I don't really have to much to fit that, but I gave it a shot. The life is a song is from a inky antics stamp. the birds are inkadinkadoo, the radio is from a card I cut it out. (50's are vintage to I added silver ep to the edge. I also put the music symbol to the bottom It is also an inkadinkadoo stamp.

Please be nice. I did not have a lot to work

Saturday, January 19, 2008

pop of color!

This pp was the 3rd in the pile. I could not find anything to do with it, SO, I just added a pop of color with the flowers and the bird that is inkadinkadoo..

MY usb cable got ran over. I had to try this about 10x before i got it to work. I hope it will hang in there till I can get a new one.

I worked on some great cards today, but Can't upload them. Sorry, I will soon.

Hope you are all having a nice day..


Friday, January 18, 2008

Tagged again!!

I have been tagged again. This time by Sandy. Her blog rocks. I am not tagging anyone. I don't get a lot of traffic and everyone I know has been tagged.'s my answers......

Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics: I have not scrapped in a long time but, Disney & Family (sports)

What are the two best places you’ve ever been to? Disney & Disney!

Name two things you do every day. Wake up & go to sleep.. Other than that who knows!!

Name two things that pretty much everyone knows about you. I am a mom & I stamp

What are your two favorite stores? Hmm, Old Navy & Borders.....(any stamp store I have only been to one!)

What are your two favorite accessories to stamp/scrap with? Prima flowers & buttons

What are your two favorite occasions to make cards for? Christmas & for the fun of it!!

What time of day or night are you able to do the most stamping? I like am's on weekend & night on weekdays.

What two things do a lot of people NOT know about me? Hmmm, I am addicted to sleep & food!!! lol

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Bella Card & a great find!!

This morning before I went to work I had stopped at walmart to get my morning health bar. (they carry them cheaper than anywhere). I had a few min to spare so, I walked around. I found in the stationary department these square paperclips for less than 3 bucks. There are 40 of them, and the colors are great.

I am still doing my pp challenge. This is again another 3rd sheet from another color group of mine. I am going to continue to pick the third of each pile until I have gone threw them all.

This paper is from imagination project & is very pretty. I pop dotted some of the images I cut out from the extra. I colored the Bella's w/ h2o's. Added a square paper clip and that was it. easy peasy!!!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to post a new card everyday this week.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Your only young once.

" Your only young once. You can be immature for a lifetime"

These new stamps are great. I am really having fun with them. This card I did with markers, I put blue in her hair, and in real life it looks really This is the last of the paper I picked for the 2pp challenge. Now, I can clean it up and go pick another 3rd sheet from another color group.

(sorry this came out so dark)

Stamp: inkadinkadoo PP: unknown

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Age is only a number...Birthday card.

Still using up pp for my 2pps challenge. This was another stamp from that inkadinkadoo set. I used up some old number stickers for the background. That was Sandy's challenge. I stamped the lizzard on the pp and cut him out. glued him to the card leaving his tail up.. I colored the white of his eyes with white roller pen. I thought he would look cute the same color as the paper. Thanks for visiting.

Happy Birthday Card!!

Hello Bloggers. I started that paper challenge over @ 2pps on the stamping board. This is again another third sheet of paper in my pile. This is a thicker pp & I am not sure who makes it! (sorry)

I went to ac Moore yesterday and got this stamp set called Humorous birthday by: Inkadinkado (i love saying that). It's super cute, and good for funny cards. I don't have any stamps like this so I was happy. They were only 11.99 for 7 stamps & I used a 40% off coupon. woo hoo. I love those deals.

So, I hope you take on the challenge of using some of your pp. Seems to me we have more of it than anything else.

Have an inky day!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

2 pp's challenge

Well, two peas is doing some hoarding style challenges. It's been really fun. One was to use up ribbon and an other was stickers. SO, I jumped right in with the biggest hoarded item of all..

dum dom dom......Pattern paper. You know you have a stash of the paper you won't touch but you really should. SO, I told them to go and pick the third pc of pp down and use it. I did it, and I got a ick sheet. Oh, well at least I am using it. I would not have chosen it so, I used it up.

The other pp I used was in a matt stack. I have a large hoarded stack of them. I picked the third one down and used it.

Here is a Bella card I used from the matt stack. The rub on and stack are from dcwv. Enjoy. I will see you all tomorrow with more of the pp cards.

** I used stickers from K&Co. on the one card & the other has stickles and a rub on from dcwv**

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In Memory!

January 10, 2005, Vanessa Joy Bryson, went home to be with our Lord. At the very young age of 27. She was killed in the La Conchita mud slide in La Conchita California. She had no idea what happened that awful day, but my memory of it lives within me forever. Vanessa, I will never be the same. I miss you!!

** this picture was taken shortly before she died. Her dog also perished that day along with three children their mother and 5 other people. 10 people perished that day**

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

M for mona ATC

I got this image sooooo long ago. I have never used it. So, I am up to the letter m for my atc swap. This is what I came up with for m. for the letter L I did love birds. I never used the bird stamp either.

on the Mona I used stipple brush and distress inks.

Mona ATC= stamp sunday international

love birds+ savystamps love inkadinkadoo

Artistic Kitty ATC..

Happy New Year once again. I am trying to work on my atc for my trading group. I hope to be all caught up and have them in the mail tomorrow.

So, This is for the letter K. I wanted to do KIN but could not find the stamp I wanted to use...go figure. So, I went with a artistic kitty instead.

I did alcohol inks on plain white cs. Then I did the k with red distress ink with orange ep over it. gives it that shabby inky look irl. I also added white and dots and junk cause I felt like


Happy New Year !!!!2008


Happy New Year everyone. I can't believe I stayed awake. The fireworks are going off and it's a good year so far!!

May you be blessed this year and always..

wooooo hooooooo Happy New Year...wwoooooo hooooo.......

Does anyone other than me remember the apple falling in new york instead of the ball????

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.