Monday, March 31, 2008

Dog gone card...

I made a few of this style card. I thought this would be good for a dad to send home to a son starting t ball etc.. (This is another card for heroes card)

I am gonna blog more tomorrow about a book I just read and some other stuff. Just got home so I am gonna run..

Stamps from Su

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Puppy card!

This is such a simple fast card. Sorry NO stamping. I bought a pack of stickers for a dollar @ m's. Got a sheet of paper that had those doggy bones, and that is it, a few brads and some left over yellow dcwv card stock and that is it....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cards for Heroes Party !!

In case some of you are not aware. The two peas stamping board is having a card for heroes party. Our hostess Sandy, and the creative gal behind cards for heroes has 4 great sketches up. My goal is to do 25 cards. So, far I am almost at 10.

Check out the Heroes blog & two peas. No matter what your view is on the war. These are our people, our sons and daughters. We can support them right!!

This card is with my house mouse stamp. Love these cute little guys. I left part of the flag open, since they are still painting....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

House Mouse card.

Today is Easter eve. Ahhh, the cleaning, the cleaning, Did I mention I have been Actually the house is a mess. I have not yet done spring cleaning, how r u supposed to spring cling in the cold weather, I like to do it when it's nice out and I can open all the windows.

I have 11 people for dinner tomorrow, that includes my household. I am not nervous, just sorry my mommy won't be here. My real mom (the one that lives with us) Has got to work. She usually does all the cooking, she is a cook after all. So, I gotta do it. No biggie right?? lol

On to the card. It's a RAK image I got from Glinda (dries1) over at 2pp's. What a gal I tell ya. I love these images. I own two (shocking I know). So, it was so great to get some new ones to play with. I just love 'em.

One of our girls at work is having jaw surgery next Thursday, Her last day is Monday. So, I thought this would be good for her. I am sure cards will be something she can do without talking and the mirror is a dental mirror, in case she misses hers toooo much. I wish her the best.

PP: me & my big idea . brads: from MM.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring !!

Hello bloggers,

Today is GOOD FRIDAY, I am so happy that I have a God that loves me despite my flaws!!

Now onto my card. It's a 4x4 card, It's using the new hero arts clear stamps. I thought they were bigger! As you can see they are pretty small. I used the cuttlebug, AI the edges, and that is it. Pretty fast and easy. Not sure what it needs!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ipod a bella......

I love my I pod, So, when Heike (nazzylynn on 2pps') sent me some Bella's I could not wait to use her. She is a little plain. I have a few more so, I can spice them up a little.

On to other news, Van is up and running, my check engine light is on..YIKES. She, is not even paid off yet. I hope to get it in the shop next week. Other than that not much..

Stamp: Bella, Prima flower,rubon:dcwv

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thank You card!

I don't know about you But, I love when this happens. You see my bestest buddy Lisa, brought me a little gift to work. A box of bath & body works stuff. Well, as soon as I saw the cool colors on the box and the perfect ribbon, I knew exactly what I wanted on the card. It was perfect with the purely pomegranate & bright green color from su. THe ribbon was on the box, and I thought it went well with my new cuttlebug folder. Don't you think it looks cute together??? The only thing was, I could not figure out what to put in the box. Lisa, loves birds. I choose a little owl, from the m's dollar collection. It's a good fit.. I hope! So, I love finding colors and things that all fit. WOoo HOoo..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day !!

Happy St. Patricks Day,

I have to run to work, the other girl is in NYC today, so I am filling in for her. I will post when I get home, @8pm if I don't crash first.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Johanna card!

I like Just Johanna stamps. They are fun to play with. I will say the owl was much smaller than I thought.. I was kinda just playing with this. It's not the best, but it works.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog review!!!!

I am gonna have to set up a poll on here to see if these reviews are any fun. I actually like them a can't wait to be mean...LOL

Today we are looking at our first overseas blog. We are traveling to France. (bon jour)

Meet Jacqueline, she is the blogger of the most wonderful Jacqueline's craft nest
Her blog is in English, she is one heck of a lady, I think you will all agree that her nature style. I love her arches, some of the best you will ever see. I also really love her banners, if you are new to her blog, please look in her archives for these. I am not sure of any person that would not enjoy her vintage style. You will also see some of her surrounding on her blog, love her home and the land there is stunning. Who knew there were real almond trees...LOl

Please take a moment to go visit her blog. Leave her a comment if it's your first time there. I would love to see some new folks checking out her blog.

I will be doing another review tomorrow. I will tell you I hope not to offend anyone with it. It is the only blog I ever took of google reader. check in later. I also have some cards to post. I will wait till later to post them...

Have a great day, evening or whatever....

** I also wanted to add that I left her a comment once, because she used a wonderful Bible vs, that had personal meaning, she sent it to me, and it is stunning, I was touched by that!**

Another Birthday card...

I like this Just Johanna cupcake. It's big. It's fun It's NOT edible...wahhh. I know it's 9 am, but I can always use a cupcake!! I stamped on some pp first cut out that part then glued a button on top. The word laugh is a dollar pack of stickers I got from m's. Trying to use them up and not hoard them. Thought the colors were good for this card.

**stamp just Johanna PP: is su Sticker is M's $1**

Happy Saturday.!

Going to see Horton Hears A who!! today. ds#3 saw it with the school yesterday. I had already planned to take him today. SO, we will see. Today is also Easter bunny in the tropics at the local zoo. (our zoo is free). I am not sure what were doing. It's a big cloudy. I did some yard work yesterday. It felt good to be out side. I am gonna come back in a few and review the Craft nest blog. I am not sure if you like the review or not so let me know if I am waisting my time. I will have some bad reviews too. Hope they are no one you all know....LOL LOL

Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter card!!

Hi bloggers,

This is one of the Easter cards, I made at the su party I went to the other day! Is it not the cutest thing.! We used punches and it was quick and easy. If I owned all these punches this would be my Easter card this year.

I am going to review a blog later today. I think were gonna take a look at the craft nest!!

See ya later!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Bella birthday card!!

I know you are all shocked that I am posting a card. LOL. I was so mad that I could not get that cord to work, I ran to radio shack. The guy got me fixed up with a new card, and it did NOT work. wahhh, so for less that 20 bucks, I got a card reader that just hooks into the pc. I got another cheap sd card, so that I don't have to use the "good" card. It worked. So, I am posting a card. woo hooo

I am gonna still do the reviews, I don't know if you all like it, but I do. It's kinda fun!!

****thank you Heike, for the images!****

Stamps: Bella CS: dcwv Ribbon: M's color added w/ prima pencils

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today were gonna go Kard Krazy!!

Helllooooooo Bloggers,

Today were gonna take a look @ the Lovely Louise, Her blog "Kard Krazy". Is one very impressive blog. She post's about 7.7 times a week according to Google reader, So, there is never a dull moment. I love her blog for many reasons. Louise, does ATC, MOos', Inchies and Gothic Arches. ( and I also like that she does so many challenges. If I need a little mojo for a project, I can take a peek at her blog and find samples to many things. Like Ethel, she has been published a few times. Okay many times. Her style is on the vintage side, It's a delight !!. I can say that if you don't stop by her blog you will be missing out on some fun stuff. She is really a wonderful lady. I have some of her cards, and they are among my faves.

( nooo, my van is not working, I still have a friends car, it's new and sporty, and I hate it!! lol I am afraid of it. Had a young kid try to race me in his mustang today @ lunch..ugh.!! hope to have dh out there tomorrow figuring something out!!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's time for perfect gravy!!!!

Hello Bloggers,

Today we will talk about the musings of Andi, a great gal with a blog that is so fun! Her blog is more pic's of her family and life on the ranch. The stories will make you lol. Her cards and projects are great too! You will see her in a different light after reading her blog. She, is one tough cookie, braving the cold winter, to make sure her animals are all well and good. Her summer tales of her Mr. deer (lawn tractor) are worthy of a great book. Speaking of books, don't be surprised if you see a book on the shelf one day titles "perfect gravy".

On a side note, yesterday my van died. kaput. grrrr. I think it's the battery. I plan to figure it out today or tomorrow. I also plan to see about a cable for the camera too. I have some cute cards to share. Have a great day!!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well, It's ready what do you think??

It took me a few posts on 2pp's to get someone to help me. Thanks Lisa. Go visit her blog and leave a comment. I think she would be thrilled about that.

If your thinking of using pyzam, it's very easy. The only thing I don't like is that I had to add all my elements back to the page. That was not hard. I just wrote down the sites, and my counter number so it would be the same. If you want to jazz up your blog, check the site out.

Please, leave me a comment letting me know what you think. I really like, and i know that is all that counts.. WOO HOOO

If you would like a clock you can see them here. And for those of you looking for the blogoversary thing you can get it here. That should help you all get started on decking out your page. Have fun!!!


Ok, I need help bloggers!!

I have always thought my blog was blah. I finally found a cool place to get funky templates. PYZAM. Now, I found the one I love, it looks great on here BUT, when I put it on here I loose all my side bar! Why do my widgets have to go bye bye?? Can anyone help me please.....

I would be so happy if someone would help me!!!!



Blog review of ...

Today is The paper quilter.

This is my friend Ethel's, blog. She lives in Nebraska. Her art is eclectic, and very original. (in a good way). I don't think she knows how to keep it simple. Her art is very creative, caring and fresh. She goes from vintage to bold and it's all just eye candy. She has been published several times, and you will see why.

Ethel, was my first pea friend on 2pp's. She, helped my ds, with his flat Stanley, project. I will always be grateful for her for that. Ethel, went out of her way to do a fantastic job.

Please take some time to check out her blog. She is a wonderful artist that I think everyone can enjoy!!

Till next time.......

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blog reviews.....

Well, this week I will go to radio shack and figure out something to do with my camera's usb cable. I have some fun stuff I could be showing you...

SO, to keep my posts going I thought I would review the blogs I have in reader. I have 35 blogs I check out.

Today I will review. Sandy's blog. "it's a colourful world":

Sandy, has a blog that everyone can enjoy. Her style of writing is fun, fresh and full of humor. Her cards that she does for the troops are so colorful and fun.

She, blogs about life & about her passion for cards for heroes. I love this blog because, it has some of her in it. I like the blogs that have some real life fun and also cards. I really like the mix. If you are a new person to her blog, you must go back and check out her posts about her trip to the Holy land. The pictures are wonderful and the story is also fantastic.

I also think you should take a look at some of her videos. My favorite is the human tetris. I was in stitches.
Okay, that is my blog review for today. I hope you take a min to check it out.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What will the weekend hold?

I can not tell you how board I am right now!! It's just about time for bed. I am sitting here looking okay drooling over house mouse stamps. Oh, they are so darn cute.

I am really tired. 40 hours of work and I am pooped. I was up till 4:30 am on Tuesday reading this book, the atonement child. What a book I could NOT put it down. I finished it in another three days. It's a pro life book. Don't freak out on me. But, it's written in love and the story is just fantastic. I could not wait to see what happened next.

I went to find the movie into the wild today. They did not have it. Boo hoo. It made me mad. Another great book..

So, gonna help this lady make a scrapbook for an organization called Christ's child society. It's where the knit the little hats for new babies and they get a layette too!!

well, bloggers that is all I have to offer till I figure out how to fix the camera!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is my baby...okay, not MY baby!

This is my wonderful adorable niece Elizabeth Dawn. She is now one month old. It's hard to hear that, since she is soo far away. I think my sister needs to move back home, but I can choose that for her. So, I can't post pics of cards, so I thought I would of the baby. My sister said she is doing well. She is a good baby. SHe is upto 9 lbs now. woo hoo, I love chubby baby's. I want to hold her so bad it hurts. I know some of you can relate. DOn't think they will be comming home anytime soon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Camera breakdown!!

Ohh, how I wanted to upload all my pics today. Guess what??? I can't get the camera to upload. Wahhhh, I finally got some mojo, cleared the decks, created, took photos.....and nothin'.

I made some Bella's with the items Heike, sent me. Oh, I am so glad she did. I really enjoy Bell as, and I am spent for a month or two, so that means no new rubber. (Another whine here)

I am doing some Ha-HA (hoarders annon) of my own. I bought a textured box of cards from DCWV, a while back. I had been hoarding them. I don't need them, so guess what? Cards for heroes are getting them. Of course I will make 'em look pretty first. I am really having fun making cards for this. There is no pressure to Impress anyone. They can't say it's not my best work they are just happy to have pretty cards to send home. I love that!!

I guess next week I will have to go cord shopping for my camera. I can't believe it's broke. DOH, it makes me so mad!!

On another note. I am still sick, dh is sick and it's been a cough fest here! Took the last of the z pack today. Still no voice, just got a call from a friend and they thought it was my son, ugh.

Ohh, I had stuff from the su party I went to, that I wanted to share too! Darn it. I did sneak in an order so that I could get a free set. SHhh, don't tell dh. We are trying to pay off our gas & electric bills this month. You don't want to know how high they are...ooppss, it's nuts. Gotta get on these kids to turn off lights, tv's etc..

Well, that is about it. Have not talked to my sister and have not gotten any pics of my niece, so I can't update on that...sorry guys.



Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.