Friday, November 30, 2007

This will be long.......

Linda (mom G), Erica (sister), Me
Today I got some news that made my heart race, my face turn red, and tears fall from my eyes...NO, I am not pregnant but, my wonderful sister Erica, is. She is due this Feb. She now lives far far away in Tn. I miss her so much I don't think anyone knows unless they have a sister living so far from them. When you want to run over their house and share a new stamp or a pic etc. It's so hard her living this far. Anyway, I had plan on surprising her this Feb when my niece is born. I have not missed a birth of one of her children and this was gonna be no different. Well, today I im'd my brother in law, he told me I should tell my dear sister because she has been crying and misses me so.

I had her call me and told her my big secret. Well, my dear older sister had a secret for me too!!!! She is having a little girl in Feb and her name will be

da da da da...............ELIZABETH DAWN SENECAL..........Wow, how about that. Her daughter my wonderful beautiful niece will be named after me. well, her middle name at least. what an honor what a wonderful thing, to have someone given your name. I was with out words. and believe it or not still am. lol

I just don't know what to say. It's such a HUGE HONOR. I can't believe it.

I love my sister and I will have to share about her soon. To emotional to do that now...

I will also post some card stuff tomorrow. Hope to chat real soon....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's up ?

Ahh, today is Sunday, what is a girl to do?? I have been cleaning alllllll day. Doing laundry putting away the regular decor and putting up all my Christmas stuff. It's a mess here but, it's getting done. I hope to finish my Christmas cards up today so that they can be mailed this weekend. I will be posting cards and projects soon. I did not want to post my Christmas cards until I know everyone has them in their hands.

Yesterday was the two funerals. The first one was for a 46 year old patient of mine. She is and her hubby are friendly with us so three of us girls went. I could tell he was not doing well. I felt so sad for him.

The second was for my stamping friend Sarah, it was very nice. I put a stamp of a tulip in her casket. There were two others. A pic of her kitty a card from her dil. and a wonderful quilt that was made by her relative. She looked very nice. It was a long day and standing at the cemetery I was the last to place a flower. One for me and one for my ds. (he did not go.)

I am in charge of stamp club this month. I am doing Gothic Arches. So, i will post my goodies for that. Have a great day bloggers.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blog award ???

Geesh, just when you think it's a normal day you get a big huge smile and see that you have done something to impact another. I wonder if people other than myself understand this, because it still boggles my mind.

The web, it's span is endless it's info countless. It's connection to people you would have never had a chance to meet...PRICELESS.... I have made several friends on the web. It's just amazing to me. I have two Friends Andi and Sandy that I talk to regularly and think of them as two of my bestest friends. It's been a major blessing to me to find some great people all over the world. Picking some blogs for people to enjoy is not hard, I read a lot of them but there are a few that stand out to me.

Kard Krazy--Louise is a wonderful women of Faith. Her art work is some of the best around.

Jacqueline's craft nest--Jacqueline is another women of faith who's art work blows my mind. She is talented beyond words.

Uniquely made by him--This is my sisters blog. She does not post often do to her busy life and difficult pregnancy, but how could I not nominate the person who has encouraged me the most in life.

I have several more that I could nominate but I think three is a good number!!

Thank you to Sandy for the nomination. Andi & Sandy's blogs are the two I read daily if I can no matter what so they would have been my top two if they were not already picked...

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Hello bloggers,

I hope all of you have a wonderful turkey day. I hope your blessed with good friends, great family and a over abundance of food !!

There is so much to be thankful for these days. I am thankful that I know Jesus personally. I am thankful all my kids are home, healthy, and safe. (even with pink hair)

I am thankful that my husband thinks I am beautiful even when I am not. I am glad to have found the one!!!!!

Have a wonderful turkey day friends..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sad day in my stamping world !!

Today is a very sad day here. Today my very good friend and regular blog reader Sarah Adams has gone home to be with the Lord. Sarah was the oldest in my stamp club. I was the baby so, I took to her very fast. She was one of those artists that loved it in full. Our last club was done by her here at my house. It was wonderful she always did everything 110%, this time she brought inchies. It was a copy of an article in a recent magazine by my friend Louise (kard Krazy) when I told Sarah I new Louise she was soo excited to go see her blog. She enjoyed it soo. I have several of her atc's that she has made me. I have a ton of ideas and projects that she has taught over the last few years. I will miss her so. I loved this women as if she was a part of the family. Well, as most of you know stampers are family and this family will miss Sarah. I told my son, he cried and cried. Sarah had no grandchildren and Avery was her little buddy. She died suddenly in her home. She was a wonderful artist, avid bird watcher and all around angel. She will be soooo missed. One of the biggest compliments I have gotten was from Sarah, one day she looked at me and said I have become a wonderful artist and have come a very long way. I was so proud that day. Her daughter in law Mary, my very good friend is grieving very very hard. They were closer than close. if you would like to send Mary a card, please let me know...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Snowman Christmas card !!

I love love love Christmas. I also love snowmen. During the holidays you will see lots of snowmen around my house. I love them. Growing up at the bottom of a mountain was always great. The snow was fun and wonderful and I just love it. If we get snow here I am the one that shovels. Dh knows he dare not try to do it for me. I love it that much.

This is my first Christmas card of the season. I just had to make one or two or

I used k&co paper with my su snowman. I placed some quickie glue by sakura (my favorite) and put a little glitter from sparkle n sprinkle. Yet another favorite.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

inch by inch..

For the card swap I was in I had to also send 5 inchies. This is my pitiful attempt at them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

green was the theme!!

Hello all, I had to make a card for a inchie swap. The person I got loves green so, I tried to use as much as possible. Love this cute little Bella, stamp that Andi, sent me. woo hoo. Thanks Andi.

Oh, how dare I forget. Thank you Sandy, for the awesome header. I can't believe how cool it is. I just love love love it. Thank you so so so so much Sandy.. If you have not been over to her blog you better go now. It's awesome.. (her's is the colourful world)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hello card 1

This was for the sketch over at 2pp's this week. Simple sketch's are a great way to get something done when your not in the mood...LOL...I have had no mojo for a little while now. I cleared off part of my desk today. I can't sleep it's 2:30am...ack..

pp: American crafts Stamps:inkadinkadoo, printworks

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.