Sunday, June 29, 2008

A new sketch blog a card & a review!!

I told you I would have something to share!!

This card was done from a sketch. I found this blog on google reader. I am so glad I found it. It's new but, the cards and sketches are great. The colors are fun and the different takes on them are even better. I hope you check it out.

Thanks for visiting. I am gonna have some blog candy in two days, when it's my blogversary!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another long annoying post!!

I know I know, I need to post some happy pics and stuff. I will I will...

Today, I am having brain ache.. I have to make a choice and I am up in the air about what to do! I have a 2000 ford windstar minivan. When I got it three years ago the price was set and deal was made between the dealer and my farther in law. I thought it was all good. Now come to find out, it's not paid off and I owe another 4 grand.. WHAT, you said three years of payments...grrrr.

Anyway, it's got some repairs that are needed and 100,000 miles almost on it. So, do I give it back to the dealer and get a smaller car that is better on gas, or keep it sink money into it.

I found a Subaru outback legacy for sale, it's got about 60,000 miles and is in good condition. I know its' better on gas than my van, but can I afford a bit bigger payment? I know I'll be saving on gas etc...but geesh another 5 years of payments, or 4 not sure yet, did not work out that info.

It's one of those things, I can't figure out, Dh & I are struggling with money and bills etc. But, it's smaller, I usually am the only one in the van these days. Kids are getting older and family trips are usually me and the two little boys.

They have one other car. It's my dream car. I have all my life since, I was a little girl, wanted a vw bug, and they have one. It's sooo cute, but it's a manual tranny, and I don't know how to drive that. darn it. next car maybe... lol

Any adivice is more than welcome. and if you have some money sitting around and your not sure what to do with it. I'll send you my addy...LOL LOL LOL


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life and the annoying part of it!!

Well, if you are in a good place, good mood or about to start your day, fast forward this sappy

Do you ever just have one of those weeks!! Well, I am having one right now. I wonder were God, is. I wonder why my job is full of lazy people. I wonder why I let people walk all over me and when I try to stop, it bites me in the ass..

I have a husband that loves me. I always watched movies where the man adored the women, and never thought I would have that until about the last year I realized he really does love me. It's a really great feeling when you know this to be truth.

As far as where I am with my relationship with Christ, not so good. I gotta work on it full force, but that nasty satan, keeps telling me I am not worthy. Not having a home church for a few years is NOT helping. Living in a town where it's small in the winter and huge in the summer, does not offer many new or spirit filled churches. My husband is ordained but, not ready to start of "real" church. My thoughts on church, is well to be honest it sucks. People try to make things a lot harder than they need to be, and focus wayyyy to much on religion rather than relationship. I don't know a lot of Christians that are perfect, but I don't know a lot of them that care more about the relationship.. It's all about power, money and the never ending ability to say who they are and not feel it. KWIM???

So, my sad sad song is Just needed to vent on paper. Not, everyone life is perfect, and sometimes reading that makes your own life seem okay. Normal even. Women to often are told life is supposed to be one way and guess what it's not. It's okay to have bad days, weeks etc.. (if it continues seek help) It's okay not to be superwomen, supermom or super anything. Just be yourself, and if you figure out what or how to do that..Let me know!!



Monday, June 23, 2008

Time ATC...

I know it's been a while. I got a bit stuck over at 2pp's for wsw. It was a lot of chatting, and a lot of fun!! Now, that it is over I can return to life..LOL. I am soo not, feeling well today! I wish I didn't have to go to work. I am just not in the mood.

I created this atc, for the challenge I had posted @ 2pps for wsw. If you would like to view the entries for my challenge you can see them here!

Monday, June 16, 2008

WSW is rockin' !!!

Well, if you don't know about wsw, your really missing out. A year ago a few of us on the stamping board over at 2pp, thought it would be nice to have our own event. Wsw, stands for worldwide stamping week. So, far we have over 30 states and 10 countries playing! including Japan, & New Zealand. How cool is that. The gallery is overflowing with greatness. Try to check it out. This is one of the cards I made for the inspiration challenge!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Blog review!!

Well, I found this stunning blog. It's soooo neat, the blogger does paper flowers, now I know a lot of people do paper flowers, but her blog is clean fresh, and to be honest, I have never scene anyone do flowers like this. I thought some of them were real. Fantabulous!!!

Check out her Ninja Card too!! It's adorable.

Mainly Flowers is getting To inky thumbs up!!!!

Don't forget wsw starts tomorrow on 2PP's

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This looks hard, but it's really not. My friend Sue, helped us make this little post it note cover. We used punches, how cute huh!! Think of this for a teacher gift. It would have been sooo cute!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin !!!

WOW, My little boy is 12, this is my middle son. He is 12 today. WOW, It's hard to believe the chubby Blondie baby with the big curls and bright blue eyes, is now the skinny little Blondie with the straight Blondie hair and big blue eyes.!!

This past weekend my parents Gene & Linda came down to visit. I went to get mom on Friday, and she stayed the weekend. Gramps & GG came on Sunday, to whisk her back home have some food and give Kevin his gifts.

He got from Nana, & Grampy a new net for his basketball hoop, and a new basketball.

From GG, he got a gift card for EB games. Woo Hoo GG.

From Aunt Erica & Uncle Brian (and his cuz's) HE got really really nice football gloves!!

Thanks to everyone for the great fun this past Sunday. Now, my hubby & I are giving him his present on Friday..woo hoo. He is gonna be sooo siked. We are also gonna go see Kung Fu Panda. Every year for his BD, we go to the movies.

Happy Birthday Kevin... I love ya!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Give Green!! Weekly green post!

Did you know that we spend 2.7 billion dollars on fift wrap....ack.

Tomorrow is my son's 12th birthday! So, I thought I would give you some green gift ideas.

I know were NOT going to stop wrapping gifts for our kids, and I know That I don't always like to put the toys in gift bags, because it's more fun to tear into a gift that is wrapped.

Did you every try Sunday comics, that is always a fun look.

You can shop at these sites to get some recyclable gift wrap.

You can also give green gifts, more and more companies are coming out with green gifts. You can even get a recycled leather case for you ipod. (hint hint to my family this Christmas) is a great place to get a gift giving guide.

I know walmart has a line of gift wrap & things that are made from recycled paper. Now, if we can cut back it would be a great help to the earth. Now, I will be wrapping something for ds. Can't help it!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer is really close by!

I made two of really pretty summer cards. This is a fun technique that was taught to me by my good pal SUE, she is a great teacher and happens to be a su demo. She taught us this tech.

What you will need.

Su wheels. (or any kind of wheel stamp)

card stock


ribbon & what ever you might want to use to decorate.

What you do is, go over your background 3x's. hold your paper horizontal roll diagonal from the lower left corner up and across.

quarter turn, now your paper is upright. Go straight up and down.

quarter turn and go diagonal again. Now you may think it is a mess, but as you can see it looks really cool.

then take a 2' wide strip and roll once across, mat and assemble. It's so simple and looks really neat.

I am not sure what some of the rollers are called. I know the red white and blue card was with stars. duh!

The one with the flip flops I did at home. So, I knew what it

I hope you try this, You will like it. My mom(Linda) tried it with the happy birthday word ones, and It looked really really cool.

Have fun!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shaving cream, some ink &...

Well, I don't know if anyone has played with this. It's actually a really fun technique. I found it in a book, and I know people have talked about it.

Shaving cream some ink, and you get to have a bit of fun.

What you will need:

Shaving cream (any kind, any scent)

Ink refills. (As many or as little as you would like.)

card stock

cardboard (old stuff from box etc)

shallow pan.

First you take you pan and add your shaving cream. (the creamy kind) Spread it out in the pan. You may want to use a spatula or old credit card.

Add drops of ink onto it. Random here and there. I used three colors at first.

Then take a knife or something. (I used a wooded skewer) make lines like you would for a marble cake.

lay your card stock over and life up. Take cardboard and run over the card stock pulling the ink down.

that is it. blot & let dry.

Now, what Else we did was take the skewer and make circles added a 4th color and wow wow!! IT turned out really really cool. My mom and I were oooooooing & ahhhhing with each life. Now with the ones that were swirls, what we did was kind of blot not using the cardboard to smooth.

here are what they looked like. I am going to create a card to share with the pcs. They are now dry and ready to go.!

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's been a week ??

WOW, Sorry bloggers. I really had a crazy week. I gotta get some posts ready to upload for these kind of weeks. I did not even do my green post. wow, I thought I did. lol

Today is Friday woo hoo. I had a meeting with the school. I can't believe my son will be a senior this year. WOW, it was just yesterday that he was getting on the bus to go to kindergarten.

His Sr. pics are in July, wow, I can't believe it. I got most of the stuff ready. I have to order a book for the Sat's, and I have to help him finish picking his classes. Hello, chemistry, and physiology, are we talking high school or college. The guy had my head spinning.

After that I went north, I stopped at a scrapbook store and got a few goodies. (Don't tell dh)

Then off to get my ma, (Linda aka NJ NANA) She helped me and my real mom do some planting today. I planted a forsythia bush (4) black eyes Susan's' and a ton of other flowers. It's starting to look sooooo pretty out in my yard.

after that we had pizza, cut back all the bushes and watched a movie, it's now 10:30 and time for bed.

Tomorrow, we are going north a bit and having a little stamping fun. My youngest son will come with us. woo hoo

then Sunday, dad & gran will come down to get mom to take her home. wahhhh. We will have cake and ice cream for ds#2. HE will be 12 this week, and since she is down, we might as well have cake. Yumm

So, I will be playing tomorrow, I should have I candy this week. I am gonna try very hard to upload stuff for the week.

sorry bloggers!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Sunday!!

Well, I had one heck of a night. I am not gonna go into all the details, but my ds #3 made a huge mistake, and the cops called us to come get him at 1:30 am. Lets just say he was in a car w/ 3 gallons of liquior. And he is now grounded. He was not driving and the driver was not drinking but, will still loose his dl.

That was not good, but today was a nice calm day here. Kids & I walked to the bay, next thing I knew they were shirtless in the water. I was not ready for that so, DS#3 got a little sun on his back. I only put block on his arms etc... since we were just walking. So, for now on, I'll be sure to have it with me.

The water was really warm today. I found a huge clam shell for my garden..woo hoo.

I have a green post, and some cards for this week. I cleaned up my room this weekend. It looks really good. We will see how long it lasts.


Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.