Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Did you ever have one of those days, where things just well ended in a way that your head spins. That was today for me.

About 9pm my in laws (in from Missouri) my mother and the boys all sit down to watch a movie, the phone rings.......

Brother in law---Dawn, I just sent you a pic of the kids..

Me--Okay, cool I'll check it out.

Brother in law--no go look at it now

Me--OOOokkkkaaaayyyy, (geesh, why do I have to look now.hello watching movie here)

Brother in law---hold on I'm sending it...


Brother in law--okay check it now, it's worth it.'s probably them in like a beetle bug or getting a pic with a super start....

Me----Wait, Wait Wait....I don't understand...

Brother in law---Surprise.,....


look at the picture, do you see what my lovely nephew is pointing toooo?? Yep, there location, nope it's not Nashville. It's new you see my adorable Niece..yep she's pointing at their destination! MY HOUSE!!

I don't know when they will be here, they are heading to my parents house, brains sisters live in north jersey so they will visit them, hopefully they will be here Friday and sat, if not tomorrow for my son's graduation from Sr. high. I really want them to be here for that! So, we shall see!

So, I'm still trying to grasp that they are here, I really wanted them to come, but gave up hope with the issue of gas cost etc..etc... So, my head is spinning in a good way!

Thanks for letting me share. I'll have lots to post after graduation!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

So, What did I do this weekend???

Helloooo bloggers,
Well, this weekend was very busy. My in-laws arrive tomorrow at 6ish! I work till 6, and hope to get our a bit early, I requested the whole week off, but got bullied into working tomorrow. What a full I am! I should have known better to stress myself out like this!
I cleaned most of the weekend. Kevin, had a grad party on sat, and after that we took him and his buddy Jesse, to the shark tournament weigh in. It was uber cool. I've never scene a shark in real life before and not a 490 pound pregnant thresher. When they cut her up, 4 babies popped out, one was alive and they tried to keep her going but she did not make it. It was a really sad thing to watch. Neat, but sad. The mama shark before they butchered her was gasping (tho she had been dead for an hour and a half) and her mouth would open and close, was creepy. We of course stayed to watch, I had my suspicion that she was pregnant.
Do, you know what is really weird, is that these sharks live here in my waters, in my back yard. ACK ACK ACK..Now, I think my kids get why I don't swim in the ocean, man it creeps me out! ick!
So, after cleaning allll weekend, and clearing my desk, I just sat down to make a few cards, I'll take pics and get them posted. Oooppss, just realized I sealed on. So, I'll have to make another...wink wink...
have a great day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Where is the time going????

Well, like I said it's a busy month for me. This past Wednesday my little boy, well......graduated 6th grade. Yikes, he wore a little green gown and all. Oh how funny it was to see him, he's got a major case of stage fright. Unless the stage is a stadium, court or field..

Then on Thursday he.....he....he....well, my little boy....well....turned into a teenager...Iyeee! When did that happen, can someone please tell me!

It seem like just yesterday the dr was telling me to push! LOL

This month is going so fast, this coming week is my oldest son's graduation from high school. I can't even go there yet!

I've been working like crazy to get my yard, and house ready for his party, please pray for no rain on the 20th. It would really stink, because the band can't fit into our house!

So, I've just been nuts, I hope to have more fun stuff to show soon. I do have pics to upload of some neat things. Just have not had a chance to do it.
Tomorrow were going to the shark tournament, so I want to get pics of that. Yeah boY!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Busy girl these days!

Hey all, I want to post some pics, but someone borrowed my memory card to get pics for the paper, I'll get pics to post as soon as I get it back!

I've been so busy, were getting ready for two weeks of graduations..etc..etc..

My oldest son graduates from high school on the 17th, and the party is on the 20th..Please pray for us to have nice weather it's in our yard!

My middle son turns 13 on Thursday and graduates from 6th grade, it's a big deal in our town, because that's when you leave the one elementary district and go to the big school. Our jr high is behind our high school, and they are one district, so they whoop it up for these guys. two other school districts come to our jr high, so they will meet new kids.

So, the next two wed are grads and dinners, and the 20 th is the partay!!!

I can't believe it happening, 12th grade...a sr...yikes, when did that happen I remember him going on his trial run for kindergarten and tripping on the bus step, with his like nike's on! Oh, those days have gone!

I have much to do around the house. I must clean, garden paint, etc..etc.. and the ants are taking over, i bought all kinds of ant stuff. ackk! all the rain has really created a mess of the ants.

anyway, just checking in!

have a great day!

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.