Friday, June 12, 2009

Where is the time going????

Well, like I said it's a busy month for me. This past Wednesday my little boy, well......graduated 6th grade. Yikes, he wore a little green gown and all. Oh how funny it was to see him, he's got a major case of stage fright. Unless the stage is a stadium, court or field..

Then on Thursday he.....he....he....well, my little boy....well....turned into a teenager...Iyeee! When did that happen, can someone please tell me!

It seem like just yesterday the dr was telling me to push! LOL

This month is going so fast, this coming week is my oldest son's graduation from high school. I can't even go there yet!

I've been working like crazy to get my yard, and house ready for his party, please pray for no rain on the 20th. It would really stink, because the band can't fit into our house!

So, I've just been nuts, I hope to have more fun stuff to show soon. I do have pics to upload of some neat things. Just have not had a chance to do it.
Tomorrow were going to the shark tournament, so I want to get pics of that. Yeah boY!

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