Saturday, May 31, 2008


I got this from Sandy's blog. It looked like fun.'s harder than it looks!

Erase my answers, enter yours, and post it on your blog. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up! Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same first initial. You cannot use your name for the boy/girl name question.

VEHICLE: Dodge durango
TV SHOW: Dragon tales
CITY: Dallas
FOOD: Dunkin donuts
REASON FOR BEING LATE: dire emergency ( is that a real word?)

If you play along, leave me a post so I can come see what you came up with!

Friday, May 30, 2008

What a week!

I know it was a short week, but it sure was a hard one. I had a lot going on at work this week. On Wednesday, I got to speak at the Glenwood ave schools community day, along with Patti, one of my co-workers. It was at the convention center. We had 10 classes and it was from pre-K up to 5th grade. We made a board and played games, taught them how to brush those chompers. We had them stand up and pretend to brush and timed them for 2 minutes. I had them chant brush two times a day for two min. Ugh, we figure it was about 200 kids. My voice was shot. We had to yell, since it was in a huge huge huge arena. There were a lot of different things there. The theme was health & fitness. So, the boxing club was there. A soccer & b-ball clinic. A muscle guy teaching them how to stretch, fitness etc...etc... It was a lot of fun. I thought the little kids I would love best, but the 5th grade class rocked!!!

I had made a few cards this past week, so here is one of them. It's with the hero arts bird & hello. I made one similar to this the other week. It's a simple card. The pp is from Nana pack.

Pizza is here.....later gaters!

***Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have great pictures, when I went to upload them I realized the memory card was NOT in the camera, and now I have no way of uploading them. Remember the usb cable connection on my camera is broken...grrrrrrr***

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book & Movie review..

19 minutes by: Jodi Picoult

This books is really really good. If you have children, and you worry about the affects of bullying you should read this book. It has really opened my eyes to what goes on in school today. You will find yourself shocked at the emotions you will feel. I sure did!! This book is a tad bit graphic, it is about a school shooting, and they do go into some detail. IF your squeamish, or have a hard time reading that type of story. If you would like to purchace her book try here!!

The Movie:

Well, in case you don't know this I am a HUGE fan of the Chronicles of Narnia books. And a bigger fan of the movies. My husband took me to see Prince Caspian, on Friday. Ohh, I loved it. It's a bit more violent than the first, and not as "cute" as the first. It does not follow the book as closely as the first, part because of time and some stuff they just left out.

The scenes were so pretty, and I love those kids, they have grown, and it's perfect for the story. It's a year later in our world.

I would love to hear how any of you felt about either the book or the movie..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greener living!!

Hello Green bloggers,

How are we all today? Today I am going to talk about clean green!! lol It's the new thing, Clorox now makes green products, the good thing about that is, well, it's easy. You can find it locally, and it's safe.

There are a number of companies that make products for cleaning. I do buy the green cleaning products. I wanted to do the vinegar window wash and stuff, but I am a tad lazy. LOL

If we use green cleaning supplies, we can save the environment over 40 pounds of toxic chemicals . That is a lot if you think about it. (this is per household)

Here are some websites that you can check out!!

Here is a site that can help you make your own cleaning goods. or

If you would like to learn how to read the labels you can go to these sites. the link is on house hold cleaners.

I like the smell of the Clorox green products. So, far I have used everything except the floor cleaner. I have to run out of the old stuff first. I do use it for the walls and the bathroom cleaner, and it does a really nice job. The only thing I need to find is something like comet. I know there is one made with eggshells, I just have to look for it.

Thanks for helping me go green.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teacher gifts!

I came up with this idea while I was at m's one day. I wish I would have thought about the size issue first.

They are tiny little tins, and comming up with a card for them was well, frustrating. After a while I came up with this idea. I have to make two for my kids and was asked to sell three of them to co-workers. I think 20 is good what do you think. The one girl said she would give me 15. Not sure if that is enough.

In each tin is 6 cards & matching envelopes that match. I stamped on the envelopes so, that they would match.

I wrapped them in ribbon & tissue paper. This one was not finished, I have to add flowers to the front & apples, but you get the idea!!

**Thanks for visiting. I am almost to 5,000 hits, when I get there I will do a rak**


Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is the unofficial start to summer. It looks like summer outside. Our summer neighbors are down. Flags flying. The bay is packed.

Happy Memorial Day, to those who know exactly what this day is all about!! I love our freedom, and I am thankful for those who make sure we still have it, and try to help others to receive it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Where ohhh where did this week go???? I am so sorry for not blogging. I had such a crazy week. I was reading a book and had to finish it. ( you know the kind)

Ds#3 was sick sick sick, and that took a whole night of not sleeping. So, this was just a crazy busy week.

I have a movie review, and the book review to do, and some cards. I will get to it this weekend and load my posts for the week.

Sorry, see ya all soon.


Monday, May 19, 2008

What a busy weekend!

Thought I better post. Can't believe the whole weekend is gone, already!! Friday, was a wash. I was pooped from the work week, and it rained. So, I caught up on some zzzzz's. Saturday, it was sunny and nice out. I got some dirt dug, I managed to take ds to his party, shopped, and even got in a small nap!

Sunday, is my house cleaning day. I got almost everything done. I still need to do wall to wall bathroom clean up.. ack.

Last night I worked on the cards for teacher gifts. It's a bit to much work, but I told the girls at work I would sell them some. Me and my big mouth. Now, that I have the size worked out it should go a little quicker. (I hope)

I will share pics of them this week. I finished the first one, and it's a bit sloppy, but it's okay!!

I am sure the teacher will like it. Well, I hope so anyway.

Off to work, see ya tomorrow!!


Friday, May 16, 2008

It's a rainy day here in Cape May!!

I used prisma color pencils on this card. I love this little image. How fun. This week was a rainy start and finish. We had a major flood Monday, Could not go to work. One of the girls in our office had 18" of water in her basement. Another lost her car. and then there is the mud etc..

No loss of life. Thank God! So, this wet card works for this rainy day here!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

House Mouse, thinking of you!!

This image was rak's from Glinda, over @ 2pp's. I really love the hm stamps, but don't really own many. Okay, so I own 2 big whoop!!... I colored this w/ prisma pencils, and blended with baby oil. I really love it!! I added stickles to the bunnies. Ohh, so cute. Sorry, I don't know the pp.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going Green!!! Get rid of the junk mail!

Good Morning green bloogers !!

Do you want to get rid of junk mail. It's good that we recycle the paper, but think about all the gunk going into the air from the wasted paper making etc....We could stop a lot of that.

If you would like to stop your junk mail from coming in here are a few sites you can go to! also you call 1-888-5optout to stop fliers and envelopes. is another.

I did all of these. I see a difference already.

If we stopped junk mail we could save 100 million trees a year.

Another fact: We produce 19 billion catalogs requiring a ton of energy. we could run 1.2 million homes a year on the energy used. The companies put out as much emissions as 2 million cars.

OUCH!! That is a lot of wasted material. I get catalogs and to be honest, I don't even look at them. I cut them all out. If I need one, I can order it free online, or browse the online catty.

(I did not stop my stampin' up catalog, does that count????)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bithday card!!

This card was the make & take I did at the Memories expo. It's faux postage. The stamps are from a company called Just for fun. They have a line of stamps for the faux postage, and they also have laser cut masks for over top of them. I really like there stamps, they have a ton of vintage stuff. The colors in the background are butterscotch, Adirondack ink. I like there ink for blending. It's a nice soft look.

Oh, they have um & wood mounted too!!


Monday, May 12, 2008

CPS #64 Card Challange!

I know I know, I told you all I would never enter anything again. BUT, this prize was worth a try. Cps, is giving away a scorpal. I would really love to have one. So, what the heck I will give it a try.

Stamp:Hero arts & impression obsession

pp: Unknown

Used papier glass finish to cover the image. Added stickles to the whip cream & cherry. colored with prisma pencils and baby oil. su punch for the flower!!

***on a side note. I got a call early this morning saying the island was flooded and that I did not have to go to work. Woo Hoo, so today I got to play. I made about 4 cards so far...woo hoo***

The goods from the Memories expo!!!

The memories expo, was fun as always. I got to see some fun things. I did only one make n take. That was a dollar. THe rest were around 8 and up. I thought that was crazy!! It was a nice day, and my neice was a good girl. I miss her already!!

So, what did I get?? Hmmm, Not much. Well, I could have dropped about 300 bucks if I had it. There were a lot of things I really would have liked to have.

I got the main thing I was looking for....Grungeboard.

The other stuff well, it was just some sprinkles on the cupcake.. lol

Stamps: I got a set from pink paislee, I never heard of them but, the set is called vintage pop and is very cute.

I got two um atc stamps from Timmy boy. I got 3um stamps from just for fun. They are to make your own postage.

I also got, one stickels, ezmount sheet, fozz felt pack, sprocket gears, crackle paint, blending foam, a thick basket ball board book, a small fork & spoon for my altered stuff. and a cd storage case. A pair of scissors, that make the stamp look like a stamp, and one sheet of pp.!! (can u believe that????)

Ahhh, not bad for only spending a few bucks huh!! I wanted to go to the O.I. booth, but did not get a chance. That is okay I was out of money anyway!!lol

Enjoy the pics, don't drool to


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day fun!!

I am having a lazy day so far. (that is a good thing, right?)

Yesterday was my annual trip with my mom & Sister. We usually go for a whole weekend, but since my sister is visiting and has the new baby, it would have been a little hard.

We have been doing this for I think 6 years now. It's our annual get away. The memories expo has always been so fun for us. Each year we get our photo taken at the A.C. Moore booth with the project of the year. This year, we had an added addition, She was such a good baby. She did not fuss much, and was very good. (Thanks Elizabeth Dawn for being a good girl)

I only did one make-n-take this year. They were about 8+ bucks and I thought that was crazy. In past years it was free and a sample of something you could make with the products they were selling.

This year I did one. It was a card. The cost was a dollar. I thought since I bought the products she was showing you would think it would be free. I am not cheap, but the cost of the stuff was annoying this year.

There were some stamp co. there this year. I only bought a few things. I can tell the economy is really hurting. The show was not as crowded and the cost of things were up, and I did not have as much to spend. I even came home with money. ( a major first) I found myself a lot more cautious than in past years. I usually buy what I want, and this year I was a lot more careful. Hopefully things will look up soon.

I only bought one sheet of pp this year. Another first. I figured I really did not need any,and the sheet I got had a mix of colors I wanted.

So, Here is the pic of my mom and sister, with Baby Elizabeth Dawn. I am in the reddish orange t-shirt.

I will post, my goodies and my card this week. I got really busy, so I still have the green post and the tutorial to do.

Does, anyone know how to do several posts, and make it so the post each day. I would be able to do that!!!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is it that time again!! WSW @ 2pp's

Hey bloggers,

For those of you not familiar with two peas in a bucket. They have a stamping board. And this June the stamping peas are having their second annual WSW.. (world wide stamping week) It's a ton of fun, with challenges, games & of course RAK's...woo hoo.

So, if you get a chance go check it out.

**I'll be back later with some cards. Once this mess is clean I can create again.**

Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is my weekly GREEN post. I know a lot of people are talking about composting.

First things first. You will need to decide on a container or "spot" for your compost pile. And you need to know if your using red worms or not. IF you are going to use red worms, remember they can get too cold or toooo hot.

There are a few things you can compost in. A lot of people use chicken wire and the ground. you can do this but it takes a lot of work. I would just go out and buy one. The crank style ones are really nice. The one I am getting was from the mua and was about 25 dollars. (Thanks mama G for the compost er) The tumblers are the most expensive, but if your not able to put a lot of time in this is a good way to go. just crank daily and go.

Once you have your container you need to get started. You will need some stuff to rot, and an activator. Common activators are, dried blood (ewww), cow poop or fertilizer (5,10,10 or 10,10,10)

Now, there is a lot of info on the do's and don't but just to give you a few ideas:

Don't: Use oils, meats or fats in your compost pile.

Stay away from: treated grass clippings, hedge trimmings, rocks etc..pine needles and cones. Corn, apples, oranges, and lemons things like that should NOT be added either. Weeds are another thing to stay away from.

Go ahead and add: Egg shell, coffee grinds, newspapers (cut up) leaves ( cut up is best) and your organic garbage...

Don't forget before you start finding out all the do's & don't make sure you can compost in your town. In some places, (Seattle being one) you must have it under a foot of soil and use red worms.

There is so much I can go into, but that would get old.

If you would like more info, check out the www and some books from your local library.

Have fun, They take a little work, but in the end you will have some great stuff for your home gardens and pots.

Think Green,

Dawn ( if you have any questions, email me and I will try to help)

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.