Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is my weekly GREEN post. I know a lot of people are talking about composting.

First things first. You will need to decide on a container or "spot" for your compost pile. And you need to know if your using red worms or not. IF you are going to use red worms, remember they can get too cold or toooo hot.

There are a few things you can compost in. A lot of people use chicken wire and the ground. you can do this but it takes a lot of work. I would just go out and buy one. The crank style ones are really nice. The one I am getting was from the mua and was about 25 dollars. (Thanks mama G for the compost er) The tumblers are the most expensive, but if your not able to put a lot of time in this is a good way to go. just crank daily and go.

Once you have your container you need to get started. You will need some stuff to rot, and an activator. Common activators are, dried blood (ewww), cow poop or fertilizer (5,10,10 or 10,10,10)

Now, there is a lot of info on the do's and don't but just to give you a few ideas:

Don't: Use oils, meats or fats in your compost pile.

Stay away from: treated grass clippings, hedge trimmings, rocks etc..pine needles and cones. Corn, apples, oranges, and lemons things like that should NOT be added either. Weeds are another thing to stay away from.

Go ahead and add: Egg shell, coffee grinds, newspapers (cut up) leaves ( cut up is best) and your organic garbage...

Don't forget before you start finding out all the do's & don't make sure you can compost in your town. In some places, (Seattle being one) you must have it under a foot of soil and use red worms.

There is so much I can go into, but that would get old.

If you would like more info, check out the www and some books from your local library.

Have fun, They take a little work, but in the end you will have some great stuff for your home gardens and pots.

Think Green,

Dawn ( if you have any questions, email me and I will try to help)


Sandy said...

Lots of GREAT green info, thank you!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

thanks for sharing this Dawn. We have only been getting green with the new lightbulbs...but it's a start right?! :)

Penny said...

In a attempt to go more green I did buy a composter which came with a pack of worms. So I set it all up , let the worms settle for a couple of days then went to check on them.....NO WORMS!! I tell you, I tipped the whole bin out and they were all gone! My son in his 'wisdom' thought it was cruel to the worms and so let them all out LOL. After another attempt and the same thing happening I kind of gave up and my best friend now has my composter! I did try though....:)

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.