Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mall Santa, and the big rip off!!

Well, I can't believe it! I just can't. Today was our annual Christmas party @ Sue's for stamp club. We had steak, salad, fruit etc...for a wonderful lunch. My youngest son comes with me and he got some great presents. Wow, the girls are sooo good to him. Since he was such a great boy all day, I thought I would run to the mall so he could see Santa. Sue lives real close to the mall so it was cool. We got in the mall we waited in the line and then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw it. The "SIGN" I was sooo mad I could have reached over and yanked on Santa's, real beard. IT read "respectfully please do not take your own photos" Hello, that is not the worst part. How much do you think it is to get your picture with Santa??

$5, NOOOO $10, NOOOOO oh, $50 dollars.. Why yes!! Can you believe it. 50 dollars is a lot of money at the holidays. The cheapest package was 20 and you only got like a small picture and a wallet. NOt even a 5x7. I was sooo upset. When it was my little guys turn, the lady asked me what package. I said I am sorry but, I can not afford 50 dollars. If I had that I would be buying some food not a photo. She gave me a very dirty look and went and told all the elves. As they sat in there little booth and acted like I was the worst mom ever. I looked at them and said. It's a real shame I can't take his picture. The laughed at me. I wanted WANTED to take the camera and stick up there....................Any way I knew I had to show respect in front of my son.

This is what he said to Santa. First he was very very nervous. He said to him "Santa, am I on the good list?" Santa told him he was, and to try his best at being good. Then Santa, asked him what he wanted. My son told him he forgot because he was sooo nervous, and that he would just send him a letter. Now, how cute is that?? So, that was my day. I will post my projects from stamp club tomorrow. Sorry, about the negative post. Had to let someone out there feel my anguish....LOL LOL LOL Merry Christmas


Sandy said...

OH DAWN that is horrible!?!?!? What are they THINKING!?!?!? Fifty bucks for a picture?? I am so sorry you went through that, it can really zap the holiday spirit out of you....HUGS!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I'm sorry sweety!!!! What a nasty setup! They should know so many hearts are going to break from this type of system!!!
What mom with little kids can afford it?? HORRID!
Your little guy did wonderfully and you are full of Grace to rise above it.
Hugs to you...

Anonymous said...

holy moly camolly $50 to see santa minimum at my age santa was free, (i think) it was last century to hard to remember ...thats crazy i guess all santas went on strike and demanded better pay or they will stop xmas.... grrr grr...
thats insane,.

those ppl that work there i will keep my comments to myself. maybe they should volunteer at the salvation army etc. and see and help out so many families less fortunate than us.

i agree with andi said. hugs to you:)


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