Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blueberry pickin'

Hey Bloggers,

Hope everyone is doing well. I had a busy weekend. I was supposed to be off on Friday, but wound up working for about 2 hours! (ugh) After that we took the two of the boys blueberry picking. When we got to the house, it was owned by a unique lady! She told us there was not many blueberries left, but go ahead and pick away. (it's the end of the season) Well, the four of us grab some buckets and were off to pick. Her yard was huge, rows and rows and rows of blueberry bushes. She also had some fruit trees and still had room to spare.

Since, I got called to work we started late, I'd say we were there by 11 or so, and stayed about an hour, it was hot or we would have stayed a little longer. We picked 2.5 lbs of them. Total cost 2.25...Can you believe that??? I paid 4 bucks for a small quart the other day. I will know now to go early in the season and pick enough to freeze. They are organic and lovely.

My husband, even had a nice time. (WOW) Here is a pic of each of the boys.!


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Lovely photos to celebrate summer. When we lived in the country there were blueberries growing wild everywhere and it was always a fun treat to spend a sunny day collecting.

Have a great day.

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