Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A card mistake, that turned out okay!!

This is one of those cards, that you mess up, but turns out okay. Remember in paper crafts, it always easy to fix or turn it into something different!!

This stamp is from su, and was sooo not gonna look like this. My crooked lines made for an interesting shape, don't ya think!! lol

**sorry I did not realize this was so blurry**


Anne said...

Dawn - I love those "happy accidents" that happen when I'm being creative. I like the assymetrical jaunty lines on this one! It really works! :-)

Patter Cross said...

Hey, the shape worked out perfect. I have had to do that before too. Great thinking!

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.