Wednesday, July 16, 2008

rruff day..

Good Morning bloggers,

I made this little card with rak'd images from Sandy!! (Thank you) The card is for a young co-worker who is having a ruff patch. I hope this puts a smile on her face, and lets her know I am here for her anytime.

I think the card needs something but, nothing fits, flowers nah, buttons nope, so it is what it is.

Have a great day. I work 12-8 today. yuck, why do people want to come to the dentist that late..(shrug)


6boyzmom said...

Hey Dawn , it's me. I have pictures but playboy has bought exclusive rights!!!! Sorry! lol.
I love your cards. Wish I could do that. I have the stuff to do it with , but am too busy writing useless drival. Well , I take that back. If it made you laugh then I guess it isn't totaly useless!

KardKrazy said...

Because they work all day, you silly girl!!
That is a darn cute card! I think its just fine the way it is. (Unless you had some metal dog bone charms, hehe:)

Linda said...

Thats fun Dawn, I bet your colleague will love it. I hope it cheers her up. Thanks for your kind comments and for finding my blog.
Linda x

Sandy said...

Ooooh cute! I don't see any Love Elsies on there, though....rofl....

Enjoy the poochie stuff, I did find a pack of embellies I thought I had included in your envie, but it's still here, darnit!

DymphieM said...

Love this card, the doggie is so cute.

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.