Monday, July 14, 2008

Wii, would like to play!!

Okay, I am soooo a big kid this week. If you don't know me, and I am sure you don't I am pretty much a huge kid. Most of the time at work, I am the goof the class clown, when kids come in, they are playing with me. I love it. In my bedroom is my stamp room, a poster of the Muppet's, Wallace & grommet & a coffee buzzed Patrick from sponge bob. Of course I sometimes tell my dh, I need to grow up and put new pics on the wall of real things like real grown up art. Oh, well what r u gonna do!

Anywho, When I was in Nashville my wonderful nephew Anthony, turned me onto a game called guitar hero, well I really loved it. Now this was Feb. I have been wanting a wii forever, and not knowing that they were going to be very hard to find. SO, for a few mnts, I have been wanting, waiting etc..

This past Tuesday, I stopped and no, no wii's for me. I on another whim called on wed, and low and behold they had the wii, I drove 90 (don't tell anyone) down the parkway to grab it, I ran in like a manic and jumped in front a a young man to scream do you have my wii, they guy said sorry no, just sold. I began to yell...nooooo, he lol, and pulled the wii from behind the counter. I bought it and then realized I had no idea if I needed anything Else, let alone my beloved Hero game. I then asked him that and bought the guitar hero game..woo hoooo

Now, my kids and Dh have noOOOOOO idea what is going on. I call the house in my mean angry mom voice, tell ds#1 not to go anywhere that they are in trouble. (now my van has been vandalized a lot lately) so, I pretended that it was about that!

Before I got home I stopped, put the games in the back of the van and made them look all pretty, pulled up to the house, and demanded all the family come out and explain to me who put the yuck in the back of my van. DS#2 was the first to say "I didn't do it" hmmm.

I lifted the hatch, and well, screams from my kids erupted, even the neighbor kids freaked. ds#1 was like awesome, Ds#3 was screaming and jumping up and down, dh hugged me and said nOOO oo way. Now, ds#2 finally realized what it was and jumped screamed and hugged me for about 10 min..IT was awesome.

Now, I finally got to play and let me tell you boxing your dh is very fun, and sore wow, who knew I was this out of shape!! UGH....It's been a lot of fun. I keep it in my room and we take it out for little turns. (I don't have a tv in my room) I don't want anything to happen to it, and I don't want them to use it to much, so it's limited. I already beat the hero game on easy. Way tooo much fun. I do feel like a rock star...dadadada whahhhhahahah rock on!! lol

So, that was my big event this year...NO vacation for us, but wii are happy. On sat dh & I got to go the the bodies exhibition, if you see it in your area check it out. It's wild.

Have a great day. I am working long hours this week.

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6boyzmom said...

The wii story is too funny! My boys and grandkids get tickled when I play hero ( on playstation or xbox , they don't have a wii yet) I'm 52 but I'm better at it than some pf them!

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.