Saturday, August 16, 2008

Go world!

Maybee it's not where an athlete's from

that makes us root for them.

Maybe it's not the flag on their back,

or the anthem that we hear when they win

that makes us cheer.

Maybe it's simply that they are human.

And we are human.

And when they succeed, we suceed.
I really like the olympics, I think it's really neat to see how strong, and how full of life people are! I love the ad for visa with the saying above. I wish it were that simple and that all the world could see, that after all we are human, and for that I wish we could all get along!


Ethel Amutan said...

I like it too, Dawn. My coworkers and I were just commenting the other day that although the Olympics are supposed to stay neutral, the Beijing Games have been politicized (as many others do). My family has enjoyed watching these games, and we have enjoyed rooting for athletes from all over the world....not just the USA.

Anne said...

I've been enjoying the Olympics, too. It is amazing what we humans can really do when we put our minds to it! :-)

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.