Saturday, October 4, 2008



I am so hyper this am, wonder if it's the diet Pop??? Today is world card making day. What a great way to celebrate our love for all things inky!

I had a great Friday, My dh & I took the drive up to tuckerton to see the new stamp store that is opening On OCTOBER 18, I'll be there bright and early with hopefully a van full of stampers!

Her shop is adorable, it's colorful, and classy. I can't wait to see it fill up! The first thing that caught my eye was something I have been wanting for a while.....Wonder what it is? Well, lets see it's BIG, it's Red and it's not Clifford the big red dog..

I got an atg gun..wooo hooo, Okay now don't let the price scare you, I did a little calculation. The gun is very costly, but in the long run you save a ton of money. Right now I pay 2.99 for 18 yards. with the atg you pay about 1.19-2.00 for 36 yards. You do the math. I think it's a better deal, and personally for me the waste is a LOT less, only one small pc of plastic to throw out, and for me that is important.

I also got some stamps, I just had to they were calling my name. I got the new pink cat studio winter kitty stamps. I am making some samples for her shop. This card will be in her shop, and for me that is kinda like a dream come true. I have always wanted to be published, and well this is a step, right?

Lets see what Else. The week was uber busy. I have had not time for anything. I am trying to do laundry, clean & work on sof stuff. Sof, is over at 2pp's and is in full swing, go over and check it out!

Oh, and tomorrow my MOM & DAD are coming down for a visit. They are not my real parents, but to me they are about the best thing in the world. I never knew my real dad, so Gene Is the closet thing to a real father I have ever had. (other than Jesus) NANA, is one of the kindest most beautiful women I have ever met in my whole life. She welcomed me and my children in to her home when I was a single mom. I am gonna start to cry so enough about that. SO, she and I are going to be making Christmas cards for the heroes, while Dad takes ds#2 to the golf course. Should be a wonderful day, My mother in law is coming over too, and after all that we are all gonna have Sunday dinner, roast beef, mashed taters and a yummy veggie, with cake and ice cream for dessert...(Erica, don't you wish you were here now...LOL)

I miss my sister, this week has been a little hard for me. Erica, followed Gods lead and moved her family to Nashville, it's been a struggle for me to see her leave, and I know it's where she belongs, I was not sure for a very long time about her choice, but now knowing it was Gods' will has made that easier. Okay, here are my pics.....Enjoy your day!



Susan said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on but with that, a lot of good things. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being "published"!! I'm sure one of these days you'll get into a magazine as well.

Thanks for the such kind words, Dawn, and for making me cry!

I can smell the dinner already!

Oh, btw, I can see where your salary will be going! :-)

Love & hugs, Mom

P.S. I always publish my comments under Anon because I never get it right otherwise!

Pat said...

Love the card!! It's gonna look great in One Little Spark stamp shop!! Can you bring two van loads with you on the 18th *wink*

Nancy Maxwell James said...

woo hoo! I am with you there in spirit WOMAN! stamp on!!!!

Linda Beeson said...

It was neat to see you say something about the ATG gun cause I was just thinking this morning how much I like mine. Yes, the initial price is a bit scary but LOVE how long the tape refills last and how easy it is to use once you get the hang of it.

Sandy said...

Congrats on the ATG!!! Wooohooo! Did you ever get that tape ordered? Sorry I wasn't home to get your email about the paypal thing...I am gone all morning (today Sat) but will be home later and we can talk through it.

Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed this one somehow, too! Okay, cried for this one also! Gee, i hope you get my comments. :) Anyway, I miss you too and need to send an email update. God has been showing me ALOT lately, esp. why He brought us here! I've blogged about some of it in recent weeks; but the past few days have been amazing! love & miss ya,Erica

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.