Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why I love My wii!

This is the only time I can talk smack on my dad, I am a lover of boxing, and when I got the wii it came with wii sports and with wii sports is boxing, my favorite game on the wii so far. Just love boxing!!! Well, once I got the wii dad followed. Well, ever since then I told him HE could NOT beat me at boxing, and kept egging him on! Oh, did I have fun telling him he was gonna be beat up by little ole me! bwahhahahahaha!

When I found out they were comming down on the 5th (Sunday) I really had to pump it up, by typing get ready to rumble to my mom over im, and funny stuff like that! On Sunday, I actually said a bad word in front of my dad, when I told him I was gonna open a can of Whip A$$!!!! He wanted to get the soap!! ROFL, (this is the guy that chased me through the house with pliers trying to pull out my tounge ring years ago!) I never knew my real dad, he died when I was 20, and I still never met him. Gene & LInda have been in my life for over 10 years now, going on 12 I think. You would never ever know that I was not raised by these two....We are a lot alike...LOL Not, only that but I can't imagine my life with out them. I asked my real mom once if she cared or was upset with our relationship, and she said no that they give me something she can't and when she lived far away they supported me not only spirtualy but in many other ways, dad & Sis (erica) taught me how to drive...Oh what fun that was at 25...LOL

anyway, to get back on subject. I BEAT THE PANTS OF THE OLD MAN!!!!! He said he controller was not working so we switched and I STILL BEAT THE PANTS OF THE OLD MAN!!!! ROFL...

Here are a few pics of the fun! Now, he brought some of his games and my mother in law (Cate) and my Mum (linda) played this game where you ride on cows and jump hurdles, I hav not laughed so hard in a longggg time, it was the funniest thing ever. You can see by the look on there faces below they were having a blast!

My dad (gene)'s birthday is the day before mine, so since they will be in nashville visiting my sister and her children (Hi guys) We had cake on Sunday, well loooow in behold I got wii fit, now it's half birthday and half a Christmas gift, so, I am only aloud to play half of it..Just kidding. I love it, I have been on it every day now, since SUnday. It's so much fun. I am sore, but hey I am active and hopefully loosing weight. The bad thing is watching your little mii get fat..>UgH!

So, while we played my hubby & dad in law, peeled potatoes. There was a lot of abuse being thrown at them, they are not the best peelers, but the meal was wonderful, hot roast beef, fresh hot rolls, mashed taters MMMMMMmmm good!

Well, that is it for today...YAK YAK YAK! I know, I am the chatty one today.. Name does fit. Now I'll go stamp to even it out...Happy Tuesday folks,


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Anonymous said...

Brian recently helped me start getting your blog via the RSS feed, so it comes right to my email now! Somehow, in October, I missed this post! i laughed and cried a bit while I read it! It's good to be reminded how much we mean to you... It's good to be reminded about the early days, too! Love & miss ya! Erica

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.