Sunday, December 7, 2008

The crash of '08

Well Bloggers, It happened every computer persons worst nightmare. The crash...ohhh the horror! It happened it threw my little world for a loop. I am not trying to sound super pathetic but, all my friends are in this little pc. I don't know many stampers IRL, so this is my connection to the crafty world, with IM, BLOGS, and 2pp's I can catch up, get ideas etc...So, when my computer crashed my world did too! What happened I am not sure, I called dell support and after 4 hours of trying to reload the errors that were missing, the young fellow in INDIA, said the only thing we can do is restore, so restore we did. I lost it all, my cards, my pics, my blogs, my everything. I had uploaded pics for a weeks worth of blog posts, my itunes is also gone!

I know I can re find most of it, I can't get google reader, I can't find it, so if you have a link please send it to me, I also can't find yahoo messenger, it's not anywhere I can see, and the pc is still acting wonky. Hopefully, this year we can upgrade, this is a basic pc, with dial up, so it's pretty old and slow (04)!

I am upset about the pics, luckily a lot of the ones, with Vanessa I have on disc, but a lot I did not! I do have the Disney pics, and that is really good! I don't want to reload my ITUNES, I am afraid it will still crash again, and I just don't know what to do!

I guess I'll try to upload a few pics, but Not sure if the pc will do it! It look so vintage...lOl. It was not letting me in to my hotmail, and now that is fixed, so bare with me while I get back to normal.

If there is a blog, store, etc. that you think I would like please send me links, so I can build back up my favorites!

Wahhhhhh, I saw a backup on QVC last night, a day late and a dollar short, has new meaning!

Christmas, is just around the corner, the tree went up yesterday, and it looks gorgeous, I love the look of a big tree in the living room, I don't even mind that it takes up half the room!!!!

I got a lot of shopping done, for the youngest. The two older boys, mostly have things I need to get from the mall area! So, I have a lot to do also!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



Linda said...

Glad you're blogging is back!! Maybe part of the problem is you have too much stuff on an old computer and it's brain just exploded!! What do I know about computers? Turn it on and do with it what I do, that's it!! I leave the tech stuff to tech people like Dad and Brian!! :-)

Yeah, it's made me think that I should do a back up. I'll have to ask Dad!


Anonymous said...

glad to see you are back on blogger... one small step is good! if you need help, please let brian know. he's the techie in the family and would help ya in a heartbeat! i'll try to send pics, etc; but not sure what you want exactly! LMK.


Zarna said...

should get google reader back for you...

Just a tip about itunes, it only lets you authorise a certain number of computers to play the songs you've bought on itunes and if your computer crashes reloading it on the SAME computer counts! so what I do now (after getting down to only 2 authorisations left) is authorise the computer, use a rewritable disk and burn any of the albums that are itunes purchased to disk by creating a playlist of that album and clicking burn audio cd then I delete the files for that album and put the cd back in the drive and tell it to import. After I have done them all I tell it to de-authorise my account on this computer.
It will import without all the funky encryption on it so as long as you back those up occasionally you should have all your music safe and not risk not being able to play your songs because you've authorised your computer too many times.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

so sorry to hear this Dawn. I hope your computer woes are in the past. Backup is something we all need to do...I think my flash drive is having isssues tonight...oh how I love that thing!

Susan said...

Bummer! It's amazing how attached we find we are to our computers until we don't have them anymore. Mine was on a daily freeze/crash scenario until I finally bought a new one in September. I hope you are able to recover everything.

I also wanted to let you know that I received your Christmas card today. It's super adorable. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm way behind in making/sending my cards out.

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.