Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy St. Patricks day Bella!

Good day bloggers,
I have done something I said I never would... I ....I .....bought copic markers...Oh, the horror!
Well, for those of you who knew I would cave one day...nanner nannerr boo boo!
I got this bella image for Christmas (thanks Lisa) I loved it, and one day while at one Little spark, I saw them. I passed them bye a few times, and today I knew I had to have them in my little hands. Now, they can't be that special can they?? Well, yes they can!

I bought 4 pens that day. To use with this bella image. Wow, they are something Else. I do know that they don't work well with my beloved archival ink, so I got a tiny dew drop of the memento's ink to use with them. (they were out of the big pad)
I also used spica pens...I love them (thank you rock, they rock the bling factor)
This is what I have to say about them. Yummy, smooth, bright, fantastic. I am taking a class in April, from Heather Meason, so I'll hopefully learn some terms and techniques. Thanks Sandy, for putting up with all my questions.

(did you notice, bella has awesome ripped jeans?)

Stamps: Stamping Bella Sentiment: Unknown. Ribbon: M's Copics: r35,E00,b45,yg09


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Dawn, those ripped jeans are too darn ur Bella!

ScrappyPam said...

Very cute - and yes, I did notice the ripped jeans! Congrats on your copics!!

Lyneen said...

Sweet BELLA...

Did you check MY CANDY BAR on my blog for the two sites that are having COPIC giveaways... Like you I have been eyeing the COPICS... I need to breakdown and get some!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Fun St Pat's cards. I think eventually we will all get Copics. I haven't yet but then when I tried them the one time, I wasn't thoroughly impressed.

Linda Beeson said...

That "BELLA" image is just entirely too cute! Love the cards and I'm with you on the Copics! I gave in too and now I want LOTS of them!

Linda said...

Oh no! Now I'll have to give in, too!! :-)

Louly said...

He he! Well done for caving in! It took me a while too. I love what you've already done with them, I found they took some getting used to but I'm now completely hooked. My poor little prisma pencils are very neglected now.