Friday, August 14, 2009

A green way to make a card!

I love the earth, I love how God, created such a fantastic place for us. I also enjoy doing my best to take care of it. I know as a paper crafter it's hard to not use paper and buy embellishments, but when I bought a bar of organic soap the other day I knew that the package would go on my next card. I used the raffia, and the fabric from the bar for this card. The stamp is from A muse, I love the way it turned out, and because it was wrapped in yummy smelling soap the card smells yummy too! LOL

Enjoy your day, I'm so glad it's Friday!


Linda said...

I like the idea you did with the raffia. I have some of it and don't know what to do with it. It's been the in drawer forever; don't even remember what I bought it for in the first place!!

Anne said...

Hi, Dawn! Love your "green" card! No one would ever know it contains recycled materials. Bet it smells great! :-)

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.