Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hey everyone,

Well, I think it's time to update my friends, family and aquantinces with what's going on in my life.

From the time my husband was in high school he prayed for a place to use for music ministry. SOmething he could use to witness to the people of our generation and beyond.

Well, in the summer someone approaced him about taking over the local teen/ community center. He meet with a few friend and one of them (Matt) said he'd love to do it with him. August 1, they re-opened Alternate Destination. With Jon & Matt's passion for the underground hard core scene, it quickly became a place full of little punk kids (lol) and when we had a concert we could pack in about 100 kids, and this place is just small, tiny!

Our mission is to provide a safe alternative place for our communites youth and young people, we want something that is not only "cool" but that is anti drugs and alcohol, in our county that seems to be all there is to do in the winter, the summer we have the beach etc...but, where are they to go and just hang? We have video games, music, and just a cool place to hang, once we had that all figured out..... Well, our luck would have it that someone in the complex was not liking all these punk kids around, so we got kicked out....

GOD IS GOOD. Two days later we were in talks with a local man, who has a complex here close to our home. After a meeting with him, he offered us this 2,000 sq foot property. After a week of prayer we signed the contract and now are the owners of this propery (well we rent it) We have support from a local church, the rent is 100 more than they help us with, so hopefully thru more support we will make this up easily.

As most of you know, I am still searching for my place in the world. God, knows me I'm just really struggling.

We need help, we need support and we neeeeed PRAYER. A local family (the otters) came and prayed and annointed our buliding today, we'll satan attacked and I had awful nightmares. WE neeeed GOds protection. If you can help us here is our prayer needs and physical needs.

1. for GOD to use us, as witness to our community.
2. for GOD, to keep us safe from trials that we can't handle.
3. we need to know how to keep our family together and run a ministry!
4. protection for MATT, KRYSTAL (his girlfriend) JOn, Myself and our children 5. MONEY...

WE NEED THE FOLLOWING ITEMS BADLY! (prayer for these items badly needed)

ART for the walls (I'm so not letting the place be all

paint plaster, someone to help with some sanding, and fixing of the walls.

counters/ glass display case
file cabnet

help with the stage supplies for it, and equipment (we were allready given a 20 chanels sound board...woo hooo)

couch, table, chairs

coffee machine, nacho cheese machine, toaster oven, pretzel machine

we have been given three LARGE screen tv's, so we may invest in wi-fi and cable at some point.

We really need donations, if anyone would like to not only pray for the provisions we need. You can make donations to us, in the form of well anything, and giftcards to any of these places in our area are helpfull

lowes, homedepot, office max, staples, walmart

We also have to get a refrigerator, the old owner wanted it back, I believe the church is getting one for us, but I'd love to see GOD, provide one first so that they are not running short. Thank you for praying, taking the time to read my requests. Please forward this to anyone in our community that may help us. and anyone you know of that may pray. if you know of bands that may want to play once were open send them our way!

If you would like to make a donation leave me a comment with a way to contact you.

we are TAX EXEMPT, so you can claim any donations, and I can get you that info!

Thanks for letting me bring this to my blog, and I hope that your able to at least pray!


Dawn (jon, matt & krystal too)

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