Sunday, September 11, 2011

{VCMP--OWH--9/11/11} 1+1+1 =FUN!

FIRST and foremost I want to thank every single person who has or is serving our country to keep us safe from events like those that happened on 9/11.
For me that day will never be forgotten!
Now, for some 1+1+1
Your challenge if you so chose to accept, is to make a card using three elements
1 BUTTON 1 CHIPBOARD (in any shape size or whatnot) and 1 TAG
Now most of us know elements should come in 3 so this is a pretty good challenge.  
Have fun with this, I chose to use my chipboard as a tag, but You do NOT have to do that. Try to use something from your bin of leftovers!
Enjoy, and thank you for joining OWH this weekend in some great card making party fun!

Link your card below, I'm looking forward to seeing what ya'll come up with!


Elsie said...

Whew! Number 16 means I still have 10 cards to go! I made six Saturday and Sunday and am amazed at the variety of challenges - each one has a different element/color/theme/arrangement. Thanks for hosting one for us.

I love the way the red buttons are the cherries.

Paula S. said...

Such a sweet card! I love the buttons as cherries and the punny sentiment is great too.

sf_crafter said...

Wonderful card and a very fun challenge. Thanks very much for hosting.

Kathryn said...

You win for the most challenging challenge in my book! I never really use chipboard on a card, but I have tons in my stash, so this was a great way to dig in and use some unloved supplies. Thanks for posting this challenge!

Ann said...

Your card is soooo cute!! Thanks for hosting such a great challenge. This one had me really thinking outside the box. Thank you for challenging me like this!!

Elsie said...

I had fun with this one. Since I have no chipboard elements, I made my own with cardboard from the back of a pack of paper. I used the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder to emboss the strip across the middle and used more cardboard to cut a tag shape to match. Thanks for the challenge!

Lynn said...

Thank you for the wonderful challenge. I hadn't used chipboard in the past as well as only using tags on a limited basis. Your card was so cute I just had to play along!

TheParsonsWife said...

I feel just challenged by LOOKING at your lovely creations!
Thank you for sharing them! My life sometimes get so hectic, an important event will creep up on me, and I will be rushing around the parsonage trying to find a suitable much more personal and lovely to make one yourself!

Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.