Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My son is 18, what????

I can not believe that my first born child is 18 years old today. Wow, did that go fast! This morning when I woke him up for school, I sang of course happy birthday like I do every year. He's response was, wow, I 'm 18 does that mean I don't have to go to school? NOT Nice try Kenny!

Tonight his dinner request was bbq ribs. So, we had that I gave him some hard cash (just what every teen wants) and some clothes (what every teen needs) We were supposed to go out this weekend, but he told me his buddies are taking him bowling. Well, Hey I know I would rather hang with the gang than this cooky family, so I told him we could do breakfast if he wanted! We'll see.

I told him that his future is now in his hands, and that he has to make choices for himself, but he still has to make curfew...LOL I also told him I still wake him up in the am. (I guess some things will never change!)

One down, two to go! LOL.....Well, lets see 10 years left for the one and how many for that mouthy pre teen??????? I do love my boys!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Kenny! Happy Day to the Mom of an 18 year old! hey, only 9 more years til Anthony is there! He's halfway to it! Ugh! What a thought! Miss ya'll! love, your Sis

Linda said...

Happy birthday, Kenny!!! You were only 7 when we first met you! Where has the time gone?

Next big day....graduation!

See ya next week!


Sue McGettigan said...

Congrats Dawn, that's a major milestone! My DD can't wait to turn 18 next summer, oy.

You brighten my day!

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