Friday, January 2, 2009

There is no one like YOU!

These new HERO ARTS stamps are a lot of fun. I think they are just cute, and easy to use. I like them a lot. The fact the hero arts is a green company, makes it even better.

I used some left over paper, some eyelets (remember them?) and a prisma flower. I colored the little porcupine with prisma pencil & baby oil.

I did not realize how crocked this was. Oh, well!

Family news:

Well, it's official my in laws are moving away. Now don't get me wrong they are the in laws but, I am having a hard time with it. I think that is why I can't sleep! They will be moving to Missouri on Feb 2. My youngest son is taking' it very hard. It will be a major adjustment for us. We loose our sitter, so I'll have to work something out for wed. They are the ones that will take the little guy when I am sick or we have something to do. They are our only family in the area. ACK, it's gonna be a major adjustment for our boys ( and me!)

Diet news:

Over at stamp Haven (the best online stamping community) we are doing' a weight loss thing. Instead of rewards like cash, we are rakin' each other for encouragement. Stay tuned for before and after pics...ACK!


Susan said...

What a cute and simple design for a card. I like the flower because it imitates his spiky brown fur.

Too bad about your in-laws moving. Good luck on your diet.

KardKrazy said...

I like your design and color scheme here, Dawn. Great card!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Cuteness!!! I 'heart' Hero Arts! That is the place I have been hangin' at... Love their challenges...and daily inspirations...

So sorry to hear about your little guy being upset and that the in-laws are leaving so darn early!! What a horrible time to move!

And 'high five' on the weight loss support group... Friends always make things easier!!!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

such a cute card! I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and may 2009 be full of blessings! :)

Anne said...

Love the porcupine! Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year!

Today is a good day!

I wrote this on Monday, I took the day off from work.  It was sunny and about 68 outside, I spent a very large part of the day making cards....