Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, where are the wild things?

My youngest son & I went to see where the wild things are, on Saturday, I think we both enjoyed it, a little more for it's artistic style then story line. Of course those of you who thought it would be like the book...come on the book had what 20 words..LOL
I think Mr.Jones, did a fantastic job, I loved the camera angle and the "old" look to the film. The Henson clan did a fantastic job on the wild things. I loved bob & Terri so much.
I also loved the costume, the clothes and well, just loved it all. I'll be honest, I did not think his story line was going to go into the direction it did, but I was able to use some of the characters to teach my son about bad behavior and how it effects others. SO, that is a major plus.
I really hope you watch this movie, in it's self and not judge it from the book. It's fresh, and fun and makes you want to smile. I need the sound track now too, it was fantabulous!

in the words of Max, "let the wild rumpus begin"

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