Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am sorry it's been so long.

Do you ever wonder how it is that time goes so fast.  I can not believe it is the end of June.  The kids get out of school this Wednesday.  Friday, we leave for North Carolina.  Were going to my family reunion for just a weekend. I've not seen my cousins in probably 20 years.  So, this should be pretty cool.  Now just because I feel like being chatty.  I come from a family of all girl cousins.  We'll all but one boy Tom Tug.  He's the only boy in my family other than my two uncles.  Now, I have lets see Stacy, Tom & Courtney...Then Michelle and Tammy.  They all have children all of them.  (Toms' baby is not yet out of the womb and we don't know the sex of that baby yet)  We'll guess what folks they all have girls.. every last one of them..Can you believe it, what is wrong with this picture...LOL  I am the only one with boys.  Go figure.  I guess it's good because I'm not sure I could handle three girls.  I can't even handle my own hair.  LOL

So, anyway I've had little time to create.  With our ministry and work and etc...etc.. I've been overwhelmed.  I hope to make a card with the sketch today from owh.  I have a bbq here at the house for the bands that are playing tonight.  And I need to get one kid to work, and clean the house mop the floor and fold all the laundry and wash the kids laundry..Ya, okay so maybe I won't make a card...LOL

I did sneak this one in...Enjoy!


Jeanne said...

Cute card! I love the reflectiveness of the hearts.

Anonymous said...

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Thank you card!

This is a super quick and easy card today.  I love how The megaphone comes out of the paper.